black on black on black

i love black. i feel the most comfortable in black. i feel the cutest in black. i gravitate to black. black is my go-to color to wear. & i am especially fond on black on black outfits. they always look clean, sleek, well put together, effortless & they are dramatic without even trying to be. i love it. 
while black on black is a wonderful combination, i'm also a fan of black with whites/creams. it just looks so nice without even trying to. there's something about it that constantly grabs my attention. my favorite stable outfirt for fall & winter are black pants/leggings with either a loose white shirt, boots & my leather jacket, or with just a cream sweater. it's pretty simple, but i love it. you can wear all black to any even/occasion & be perfectly dressed. seriously, i swear by that.  


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