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this past week has been a bittttt of a whirlwind. i flew back to utah sunday night with ashley & johnny, but when we got to the airport i learned that i actually booked a ticket for saturday.... not sunday. & seeing that saturday had already passed... i had to go on standby. luckily i made the flight & ashley, johnny & i got to fly together. 
monday austin & i got busy moving out of our old apartment & into our new house. it was a tedious task & i am sooo happy to say that we finished! & now we just have to move completely in... currently our clothes are in trash bags & we have boxes places, but we're basically done. the kitchen & family room are put together, so thats good! 
tuesday was our first day of school, which is always a thrill. i think the semester will be good, i'm actually looking forward to it. austin's sounds tougher, but he's a smart boy so it's ok! 
wednesday was pretty much a repeat of monday... except that we started our weekly dinner group again! it was so fun! nick & shayla made us dinner & we got to see their new apartment which is simply adorable. i lovee it! it was so fun to all be back together again. i love my friends.
thursday was a repeat of tuesday... & friday austin & i flew back to california! 
we're so on-the-go... haha. we came back for the disneyland half marathon that i ran early this morning.  i decided to dress up as ariel, red hair & all. i kind of look like a raver.. but everyone called me ariel, so i'm guessing the costume turned out! i wore a green  team sparkle skirt, & was brave & only wore a purple sports bra that i sewed sequins onto & sprayed red hair .. stuff.. into my hair. 
tomorrow austin & i head back to utah & will actually have some time to settle in! it's been pretty  crazy. so i apologize for the lack of blogging! & sorry for my two week instagram post that's happening.. now. 
 this past week, top to bottom:
1. me waiting for the disneyland 1/2 to start!
2. austin taking pictures of himself & secretly uploading onto my instagram...
3. our new neighbor has chickens & ducks, the chicken sometimes comes to our house
4. just a picture of austy 
the week before last... top to bottom:
1. dinner with the pollocks at cho cho sans!
2. my necklace that broke at disneyland & someone FOUND it & turned it in. i was in shock
3. me & shan at the world of color
4. lovely roses
5. the pup, sadie
6. my kitten, gracie 

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