happy halloween!

today i woke up & realized we had no halloween plans. this was sad realization to me. so i decided that we had better dress up & go out to dinner. really, i just wanted to dress up. after discussing with ashley & shayla, we decided that we would spend our spooky evening dinner at none other than olive garden. 
once the decision was settled, austin was a sweetheart & made us pancakes for breakfast. we then lazed around this morning which was lovely. he tied flies, i played with lucy, he went to work, i cleaned up, & then got ready for the evening. 
we went, we ate, & then we got ice-cream. it was a pretty low-key halloween, but i liked it. especially dressing up. i've got a thing for face paint. after our halloween festivities austin & i went home so he could finish some homework (sadly we have school tomorrow) while i watched the house on haunted hill
it's a black & white horror movie from the 1950's. i love older horror movies because they're slightly creepy & suspenseful instead of just terrifying.. anyways, hope your halloweens were as fun!

the gang
 the lumberjack & the cat
 spooky ghost family
 the mimes, trapped in a box, obviously
me with baby ghost johnny, & the kiss i gave him

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