our kitchen

the biggest change from moving is the kitchen. we actually have space. so much space that we don't have enough to fill it (i'm pretty sure at least half those drawers are empty..)! it's awesome though. we have space to actually cool & move around. plus, we can fit more than 2 people in it without being completely squished. another definite plus is that we now have a washer & dryer which has been aaaaamazing. 
we haven't changed anything in the kitchen since we moved in. we're considering painting the cupboards from the robins egg blue to black, because we're picky & the blue brings out blue in the tile... but we'll see if we actually do it. i think we're a little over painting at the moment! fun fact: austins brother morgan & his wife kristi actually lived in this house a few years before us, & are the ones that painted the kitchen & gave us the chalkboard cupboard, which we are pretty excited to have. 
anyways... we're hoping to get a kitchen table at somepoint in the near future, so we have something we can actually eat around. but it's a little hard cause we don't have that match space between the washer & dryer, but we're on the hunt. 


  1. Cute! I like all your colorful dishes! I also love your new blog design :)

  2. Love your collection of dishes!! So cute! Don't paint the cupboards!! I love them how they are!

  3. your kitchen looks darling....how do you reach the microwave? it's pretty high...

  4. kerry.. i love peeking into your space (i always accidentally go to http://kerrysworld.com/ which is hilarious). anyway, your kitchen is so bright and cheery. i love your collection of dishes too! happy newlywed life.