a holly jolly christmas

last night we finished putting the house together. its looking a lot like christmas now & i'm loving it.
our cat does too, she likes to climb to the top of the tree & play with all of the ornaments. it's pretty funny... & sometimes annoying. anyways. here is our personal little winter wonderland

christmas wish list

now that thanksgiving is officially over, i'm excited to get fully into christmas mode. i've begun to decorate our house & it's almost finished. i have been making a new christmas playlist to listen to. picking out which christmas movies we need to watch. started to make my christmas list & we've started to figure out what to get our families for christmas. i think one of my favorite parts of christmas is buying, wrapping & giving other people gifts. i love it. & cannot wait for austin & i to celebrate our own little christmas before the actual holiday. i'm hoping for snow so that it feels more like christmas.. cause this whole living in utah & it being 50 in december just isn't really working for me. i want the white christmas. anyways, here's a glimpse of a few things off of my christmas list
1. pom pom beanie from anthropologie
2. skull & diamond eye ring from anthropologie
3. faux fur circle scarf from made well
4. shark tooth necklace from etsy
5. black leather studded boots from penelope & coco 

what are you wishing for this holiday season?

a happy thanksgiving break

austin & i spent our first thanksgiving together in the warmth of california. this was a big deal because of a few reasons: 1. it was our first real holiday being married, 2. all my siblings were there, 3. i haven't had thanksgiving dinner in my childhood home since i was about 5... that's 18 years people. it was a busy & hectic week but i had a lot of fun. we had an activity for everyday, which is also quite the feat in my family (we're not really planners). tuesday evening austy & i & willie & kelly's family got into town so we all just caught up with one another. wednesday we went to toppers for dinner, willie then went home with the kiddies while the rest of us saw the new twilight.. which was good & interesting... after the movie i made an apple pie for the next day, so that we wouldn't need to worry about it. thursday was obviously thanksgiving so it was spent baking & cooking up a storm & prepping for the festivities. once 4 rolled around our house began to fill, kelly & jeff's family arrived, the mcnally's, a couple of the gunns, & part of the pollock clan. it was a full house & a lot of fun. with delicious food. friday the family went up to golf n' stuff, where we had fun playing some mini golf, driving the go carts & playing some arcade games. afterwards the kids got a babysitter & we went & saw lincoln. saturday was our family tennis tournament. it was really fun playing with the whole family, i'm pretty sure i haven't played with all of my siblings since my dad used to take us out to the tennis club to hit balls.. when i was about 7. we all played a couple little matches against eachother & then played a couple of rounds of our favorite tennis games: around the world & timezone. we also brought some of our moms old decoration wooden rackets & played around with those. afterwards we went home so the kids could swim & the boys & girls took turns going to get chinese foot massages. which are really a full body massage for only 20$ & are great. it was such a fun & busy week. it went by really fast & there aren't that many pictures. but here are a few to share


1. austin eating his kneaders breakfast
2. an oldie of me as pocohontas 
3. i demolished my in & out
4. lucy has discovered she can climb up our christmas tree...
5. austy with all the christmas trees at smiths
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a failed attempt at a fancy date

so remember how i told you about anna karenina & that i couldn't wait for the movie to come out? well the big release date has come & gone. it was supposed to come on november 16, but sadly for us, it didn't seem to make it to utah... needless to say, i was extremely disappointed. i mean, i had been planning on this movie premier for at least... a month or two. & austin & i even had planned what we referred to as a fancy date.
our fancy date was going to be great. we were going to get a little dressed up, to make it a little more fun, & go to dinner somewhere that we normally don't go. i had decided it would be either pizzeria 712 or communal if we stayed in provo for the movie, but if we decided a change of scenery, then either the wild grape or the copper onion in salt lake. followed by attending anna karenina. i was really excited. we both were. so when we realized the sad fact that the movie just wasn't playing anywhere we were both pretty disappointed.
so we changed our plans & instead went to indian palace & had nick & shayla, ashley & jake over to play catch phrase & ice-cream. it was really funny to hear how everyone described their words. so over all, the night turned out to be a good one. but i'm still holding out for our fancy date to happen.

another ramble of a post

today i feel pretty grateful. i think i'm lucky to have the life i live. it's the small things that remind me of this. like coming home from a day of lunch & catching up with a couple of friends to a cute husband that has tidied up our whole house. laundry washing, dishes cleaned, clothes folded on the bed... it was just so nice. he's pretty great. & then being told i can pick anywhere i want to eat dinner. see how nice he is? i am so grateful for him. & for our friends. & for our family. & for the gospel. i don't think i express it enough, but i'm so lucky for all of these factors in my life because it's how i've become the girl/woman/lady i am. i think i need to stop every once in a while & take a few minutes to be more grateful. remember all the wonderful things that happen every single day.


weekend recap:
friday night austin & i went downtown to see the new james bond movie & to dinner with a couple of his cousins. the movie was so good, i haven't seen any of the new james bonds but this has made me want to watch all of them... & all of the old ones again. 
saturday was spent trying out some crafts for christmas decorations & semi decorating our house with what we do have. i'm on pursuit for more & ready to break out the christmas tree due to all of the snow we've had. it makes me feel like christmas is right around the corner, & i'm ok having a christmas tree up for 2 months. i also discovered dawson's creek & got sort of hooked to it already. later that night austin & i went to one of my good friends wedding receptions, mike & laurel. it was so beautiful & they looked so happy. i'm so excited for them! after the reception a group of friends that had come to town for the wedding & that we just haven't seen for a while came over & we played a game, watched a couple youtube videos & caught up. it was so fun to be with them again.
sunday we went to one of austins friends homecoming talks & spent the afternoon at his parents house. we then went home & austin took a test & i watched a little more of dawsons creek before going over to the maddox home for dinner & to watch revenge. 
it's been a pretty good weekend.

1. my recently purchased favorite moccasin booties
2. the hubs gearing up to go fishing in the snow storm
3. lucy's newest favorite spot
4. lucy & olive's first & last get together
5. our winter wonderland 
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friday mornings

i woke up this morning to the sound of thunder & rain at my window. i loved it. i then proceeded to make my favorite breakfast: eggo waffles. ever since i was little this has been my favorite. they're already almost gone & we just got them on monday. i eat them too often. while i sat at the table eating, austy got geared up to go fishing in the cold wet weather. that boy loves his fishing. & he's pretty cute in his waders. when he left i settled into the couch with lucykins where we watched the latest vampire diaries & watched the rain turn to slush turn to snow. it's been a beautiful, lazy friday morning. which is exactly what i like about the weekends. now that vampire diaries is over, i've been sitting watching the snow fall while listening to music. i don't think theres anything more peaceful than this. here's something i listened to 

oh baby baby

sometimes when you get married, you get babies.

oh christmas tree

i know that we have thanksgiving to be thinking about right now, but ever since halloween i can't get christmas out of my head. i. am. so. excited. i love the smells of christmas, christmas music, christmas decor, all of the sparkly things come out at christmas time. i love it. since this is my first year in my first house, i cannot wait to decorate it. i'm already planning with decorations i want, which ones i want to make & where everything will go. i probably sound crazy, but it's true. anyways.... while on my break at school today, i started looking at all the christmas decorations & ornaments that are coming out & there are so many adorable ones. if only we could decorate it with all of these ornaments...
all ornaments can be found at:
(i'm too lazy to specify where which was from)

we got a table

sooo austin & i have been on quite the hunt for a kitchen table. we have a very limited space so it has made it harder than we thought it would be. neither of us wanted to buy a dinky little table that would work just for now, we wanted something that we could use/have long term. so ideally we wanted a small table that could extend slightly bigger so that we could fit at least 4 people around it. we thought we had found the perfect one from ikea, but each time we went to buy it... it was sold out. we've probably gone to ikea a dozen times specifically for a table & today was our big, lucky day. we woke up bright & early, thanks to the time change, & headed off to ikea. we enjoyed a delicious breakfast/lunch & set out looking for a table. we've had issues agreeing on a table in the past.. but today when we walked into the table section, we both immediately agreed on a little black table & they weren't sold out! it was a pretty big thrill. it's going to be incredibly nice to have a table to eat at for the first time, instead of eating on our family room couches or floor.


1. our new little kitten
2. me & austy in our mime costumes
3. ombre cone display at anthroplogie
4. spooky skeletons dancing in honor of halloween


1. Jaydiohead- no karma
2. The Tallest Man On Earth- little river
3. Townes Van Zandt- the snake song
4. The Strokes- machu picchu
5. Santigold- pirate in the water
6. Led Zeppelin- houses of the holy
7. Peter Bjorn & John- young folks
8. T.Rex- planet queen 
9. Belle & Sebastian- white collar boy
10. Cursive- driftwood: a fairy tale
11. The Decemberists- fox in the box
12. The Kooks- naive
13. M. Ward- jailbird
14. Gorillaz- green world
15. Elliott Smith- pretty mary k (other version)
16. The National- conversation 16
17. Devendra Banhart- chinese children
18. Red Hot Chili Peppers- breaking the girl
19. Jamie T- sheila
20. Modest Mouse- the view
21. The Whites Boy Alive- don't give up
22. Franz Ferdinand- jacqueline
23. The Avett Brothers- jenny & the summer day