a failed attempt at a fancy date

so remember how i told you about anna karenina & that i couldn't wait for the movie to come out? well the big release date has come & gone. it was supposed to come on november 16, but sadly for us, it didn't seem to make it to utah... needless to say, i was extremely disappointed. i mean, i had been planning on this movie premier for at least... a month or two. & austin & i even had planned what we referred to as a fancy date.
our fancy date was going to be great. we were going to get a little dressed up, to make it a little more fun, & go to dinner somewhere that we normally don't go. i had decided it would be either pizzeria 712 or communal if we stayed in provo for the movie, but if we decided a change of scenery, then either the wild grape or the copper onion in salt lake. followed by attending anna karenina. i was really excited. we both were. so when we realized the sad fact that the movie just wasn't playing anywhere we were both pretty disappointed.
so we changed our plans & instead went to indian palace & had nick & shayla, ashley & jake over to play catch phrase & ice-cream. it was really funny to hear how everyone described their words. so over all, the night turned out to be a good one. but i'm still holding out for our fancy date to happen.

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