a happy thanksgiving break

austin & i spent our first thanksgiving together in the warmth of california. this was a big deal because of a few reasons: 1. it was our first real holiday being married, 2. all my siblings were there, 3. i haven't had thanksgiving dinner in my childhood home since i was about 5... that's 18 years people. it was a busy & hectic week but i had a lot of fun. we had an activity for everyday, which is also quite the feat in my family (we're not really planners). tuesday evening austy & i & willie & kelly's family got into town so we all just caught up with one another. wednesday we went to toppers for dinner, willie then went home with the kiddies while the rest of us saw the new twilight.. which was good & interesting... after the movie i made an apple pie for the next day, so that we wouldn't need to worry about it. thursday was obviously thanksgiving so it was spent baking & cooking up a storm & prepping for the festivities. once 4 rolled around our house began to fill, kelly & jeff's family arrived, the mcnally's, a couple of the gunns, & part of the pollock clan. it was a full house & a lot of fun. with delicious food. friday the family went up to golf n' stuff, where we had fun playing some mini golf, driving the go carts & playing some arcade games. afterwards the kids got a babysitter & we went & saw lincoln. saturday was our family tennis tournament. it was really fun playing with the whole family, i'm pretty sure i haven't played with all of my siblings since my dad used to take us out to the tennis club to hit balls.. when i was about 7. we all played a couple little matches against eachother & then played a couple of rounds of our favorite tennis games: around the world & timezone. we also brought some of our moms old decoration wooden rackets & played around with those. afterwards we went home so the kids could swim & the boys & girls took turns going to get chinese foot massages. which are really a full body massage for only 20$ & are great. it was such a fun & busy week. it went by really fast & there aren't that many pictures. but here are a few to share


  1. it turned out to be a purrfect thanksgiving weekend!

  2. i just found you via pinterest and literally i just bought this blog layout for my family blog too! small world since they only sell 15 :) love it.

  3. I just found your blog, and I'm in love! I read an embarrassingly large amount of it. Your house is the cutest, and it is everything I've ever wanted my future house to look like! And can I ask you where you found your bridesmaids dresses? They are perfect. So happy to be your newest follower!