christmas wish list

now that thanksgiving is officially over, i'm excited to get fully into christmas mode. i've begun to decorate our house & it's almost finished. i have been making a new christmas playlist to listen to. picking out which christmas movies we need to watch. started to make my christmas list & we've started to figure out what to get our families for christmas. i think one of my favorite parts of christmas is buying, wrapping & giving other people gifts. i love it. & cannot wait for austin & i to celebrate our own little christmas before the actual holiday. i'm hoping for snow so that it feels more like christmas.. cause this whole living in utah & it being 50 in december just isn't really working for me. i want the white christmas. anyways, here's a glimpse of a few things off of my christmas list
1. pom pom beanie from anthropologie
2. skull & diamond eye ring from anthropologie
3. faux fur circle scarf from made well
4. shark tooth necklace from etsy
5. black leather studded boots from penelope & coco 

what are you wishing for this holiday season?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE my shark tooth necklace! I never take it off! Check out talastone too, (the etsy shop/thats where I got mine.) She has really cute stuff... including a tiny gold skull necklace that reminds me of you! Oh, and those boots are awesome...