a very merry disney christmas

yesterday afternoon austy & i made the trek down to the o.c. to disneyland. disneyland at christmas time is my absolute favorite time to go. despite the fact that its normally incredibly crowded, i still love it (i will admit i was pretty irritated driving there when there was traffic & i kept seeing signs saying how busy disneyland was.. but once inside i was fine!)  it's probably the most magical time to see disneyland with all of the christmas decorations & lights up.
 if you haven't experienced it, you should probably make a plan to sometime in the near future. 
since i couldn't go on too many rides do to being pregnant, i basically just ate while we were there. it was perfect. we got there in time for a late lunch, so we headed straight to bengal bbq in adventure land which is always delicious. then we met up with my sister & her kids, went on gadgets coaster & walked around looking at everything. 

after we headed over to california adventure & went to corn dog castle, which i love so much. afterward we walked around looking at everything (the lines were kind of not worth waiting in) & austin got some churro bites & mexican hot chocolate, while i got a churro & hot chocolate. the disneyland churros are probably their most delicious item. i could eat so many of them. 
(got these leggings the other day & i'm pretty obsessed with them)
i'm not gonna lie, i thought going to disneyland pregnant would be boring but i was pretty happy with it. i had no problem what-so-ever just looking at everything & eating everything. plus, i loved going with austin at christmas time because he had never been. so it made it that much better.
(so excited to have my churro)