baby talk

this little baby of ours is due may 28, 2013. just 4 short days before our 1 year anniversary. crazy! a lot of people have been asking how we found out & if it was planned & all those sort of fun questions, so i thought i'd give answers! this little babe of ours was far from planned. i had been on birth control & it's just one of those fun things where the birth control failed to work (& no, i didn't miss any of my pills!) so it really was quite the surprise! when i tell people that we had been on birth control, normally the next question is why i decided to take a pregnancy test if i was on birth control. i decided i had better take one when i realized i was meant to start my next birth control pack & nothing had happened.... soooo i figured i had better make sure. so while austy was at work i went & got a test, took it & decided it didn't look too positive, so i must not be pregnant (i was in denial). i went on with my day not giving it a second thought until austin came home from work. i told him i had taken one & wasn't 100% positive it was negative, so we took 3 more & they all came out with bright, bold + signs. we were pregnant! 
we were both extremely nervous, scared, not sure what to think or do. i'll admit i cried a little. we're young, he's 22 & i'm 23, we had only been married 3 months when we found out, & we're both in school. so it's a lot to take in! we weren't planning on having a baby for about .. 3 more years. but everything works out how it's supposed to. we're now 15 weeks into the pregnancy. which means the 2nd trimester, so we're almost there! now that it's settled in & the initial shock has worn off we couldn't be more excited! i can't wait to meet this little babe & learn what they're all about. it will be the best part of our life when we meet them & watch it grow up & see who they become. i can't wait for that moment. 


  1. aww i love this! also you should try to have it 5 days early so we can be birthday twins :)

  2. you & austin will be such cute parents! i'm excited for you :)

  3. Congrats Kerry and Austin! Hopefully you are feeling and doing well. :-)