camera shy

 so...i'm a little camera shy. it doesn't make sense really, because i honestly love having my picture taken. as i've said before, i literally will do just about anything for a good photo op. but that's different. those are fun/cool/exciting pictures (at least i think they are), where as taking pictures of what i wear.... is just weird/awkward. i'm an awkward human. i don't know what do do with my face, my arms, my hands... i feel funny making austin take pictures of me, you'd think i'd be more natural having him do it, but i'm really not. it's all just weird. & i've always been this way. 
you know when you're in high school & you're girlfriends & you decide it would be fun to have a "photo shoot" so you get all dolled up & put on your cutest outfit, (or if you were me & my friends, you get a little dolled up & put on weird random clothes) & go out to take some pictures. it sounds like a so much fun & you're excited because you'll then have all these great new pictures. well, they never really worked out for me because it turns out i'm a terrible model. even back then i didn't know what to do with my face, hands, arms, body. sadly, it hasn't changed. 
but i'm not going to let it stop me from posting outfit pictures! i'm still determined to do this throughout the pregnancy, hopefully i'll get more comfortable & my pictures won't look so weird. but for now, these will just have to do! 
vest: anthropologie
denim shirt: nordstrom
leggings: lulu lemon
rainboots: hunter 

check out the pleated poppy for other outfits!

&&& just because i mentioned awkward high school photo shoots.... here's a good one. 
i used to have a lot of pictures from this night, but sadly (it's actually for the best) they seem to have been deleted. dang. 

painting {vertical} stripes

austin & i finally decided to paint the baby room. luckily it was only one wall, so it wasn't too difficult or time consuming, but it did take some thought & effort... mostly on austins part. he's the one the did everything on this project (i'm not really good at taping things off, or keeping paint within the i'm not allowed. it's better for both of us this way), while i sat & took some pictures! i'm such a good helper!
we looked up how to get the perfect stripe for our wall, but in the end... we didn't follow any instructions we found. mostly because we lacked the tools & didn't want to spend a load of money buying them! so this is how we did it & i'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. it's not nearly as difficult as you might think it would be either.
what you'll need: 
4ft level
a lot of tape (we used frog tape: it. is. the. best)
paint roller & small brush
paint pan
& you're paint (we used nautical blue by glidden)

what you're gonna do: 
1. find a number that divides into your wall length evenly, to prevent ending up with a 1/2 stripe (we did not do this....we probably should have) 
2. measure & mark your stripe widths at the top of the wall 
3. use the level to draw straight lines down from each marking, taking your time to get the lines perfectly straight to ensure the stripes to be straight. 
4. using the frog tape (seriously, don't waste your time with other tape), tape down the lines making sure to put the tape on the correct side, depending where the stripe goes.
5. we used another extra wide layer of tape around the border for protection, but you don't need to
6. lay a tarp (we used trash bags) & begin to paint! using the brush for touchups, corners & edges of needed
7. make sure to let it completely dry & peel off tape
i'm really happy with the way it turned out & think it adds the perfect amount of something to the room. i can't wait to get the crib in there & put together. then it will really feel like a baby room!


 sundays are the best.
austin & i will usually make a delicious breakfast before going to church, 
or sometimes make one after church. it's seriously my favorite. 
i love breakfast so much.
today was my absolute favorite: thinnies (crepes)
it's my moms family recipe that i grew up eating all the time. 
they're so good & pretty easy to make too
2 eggs
1 1/2 C. milk
1 C. flour
2 T. sugar
1/2 t. salt 
just whisk that together till all the bubbles/bumps/lumps are gone, 
pour on the pan, move the pan in a circular motion to cover everything,
flip a couple of times & you're done.
pretty easy. 
(i use a 1/2 c. to pour the batter with, it is the perfect amount)
you then butter the inside & pour sugar on it, roll it up & butter & sugar the top.
have a lovely & snow filled sunday!
(if you're in utah that is)


1. caught milton drinking from the toilet
2. my new favorite floral high tops
3. i was tagged, 5 facts about me: 
1- my favorite drink is milk. 2. i cannot go a single day without having my nails painted. 3. i will do practically anything for a good photo op. 4. i refuse to yell, so if i want someones attention i will ask someone else to yell their name on my behalf. 5. my mouth is too small to fit a whole oreo in it

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sundance film festival

i have lived in utah for 6 years & had never gone to see a sundance movie, up to park city in hopes of a celebrity spotting, or just experienced anything that had to do with sundance, until this year. i was pretty excited when nick & shayla asked if we would want to go to a sundance movie with them, because i have always wanted to but i always forget to think ahead & actually  do something about it. lucky for us, shayla had thought ahead & got on the list to sign up for tickets, hooray! so she & nick found the movie for us to go to, Big Sur, & austin & i happily agreed.
the movie is based off of jack kerouacs' book Big Sur. i've never read any of his books, i've always been meaning/wanting to but just never have. & after seeing this movie, i want to read his books even more so, especially Big Sur, so it's going to be my next book. austin has read some of his other books & has read part/most of big sur, & he claims it was done exactly how his books are written.
nick & austin also said that a lot of the dialog was taken straight from the book, which i think is pretty cool. 
i thought it was an interesting story, about the time kerouac spent in big sur & about how he goes a bit crazy. plus it was all filmed in big sur so the scenery is gorgeous. it made me really want to go there soon. in the closing scene he said a quote that i fell in love with instantly, so i immediately went home, looked it up & wrote it down in my journal. there's something about the way it's worded & the meaning that i think is beautiful. maybe that's weird, but maybe it'll strike you too! 

unexpected surprise

today i got an unexpected surprise package in the mail from a maternity website. austin is the one who got it from our porch & he was a little weary when he found it... thinking that i had ordered a package worth of clothes without telling him, but i was just as surprised as he was. but, it was addressed to me so i obviously opened it & to my great surprise it was full of maternity dresses & a skirt! i called my mom to ask if she sent me the clothes & to say thank you thank you thank you! she told me that she had read my blog post about how difficult it has been for me lately to get dressed on sundays, & she thought she'd send me a surprise. she's pretty great. i am so happy with the new dresses, they all fit wonderfully & i love them. my mom really knows what i like: stripes (i swear, more than half my closet is stripes). can't wait to show how they look on! 

i saw this on pinterest & loved it immediately! 
happy thursday! 

over the weekend

we attempted to go to the aquarium. i thought it would be fun to go after looking at some of my friends pictures, so i of course googled the aquarium to see where it was & what time it was opened to. there were two to pick from, so i picked the one opened later & ashley, jake, johnny, austin & i headed up to draper to meet tayler & nathan at the aquarium! sounds fun right? too bad when we got there we realized that there really is only one aquarium... & i had led us to a pet store called the aquarium. not only were we pretty disappointed by my mistake, but it was probably the sketchiest pet store any of us had ever seen.... so instead we met nathan & tayler at the corner bakery where we had dinner & desert & chatted for hours. at least it turned out well & wasn't a complete failure on my part! 

saturday after doing some cleaning & running errands, austin & i went up to salt lake to spend our left over nordstrom gift cards. it was pretty exciting. austin got a couple of shirts & i got some shoes i have been thinking about for a while & a couple of shirts too! so it was pretty successful for us. later that night we went to ashley & jakes house to celebrate ashley's big 2-4 birthday with some delicious cake! 

sunday austin & i went to church, had some lunch, relaxed & made cookies. what else are sundays for?! 

monday afternoon we headed up to park city to hangout with nathan, tayler, grayson, brittany, ashley, jake & johnny (we had a friend theme this weekend). the sundance festival is going on so it was pretty crazy/busy. we walked up & down main street people watching (no celebs were spotted), got dinner at bandits (fun fact: theres only a bandits in park city & in our hometime thousand oaks, real exciting), & got caramel apples. after we were done freezing ourselves on mainstreet we went back & went swimming & hot tubbing, so needless to say it was a pretty fun night.

hope you all had great long weekends!
in honor of her birthday, a picture of me & ashley! 

getting dressed

lately, i've been having issues getting dressed. i'm 5 months pregnant & my clothes are just now starting to fit a little funny, so i really can't complain... but i'm going to. just a little.
i'm having the biggest issues when it comes to sunday. i'm not sure what it is, but i feel like i am huge & pretty unattractive when it comes to sunday. i have a few skirts that i can still wear, but they just don't make me feel so cute. they're a little tight when i sit, & i don't have a waist to highlight so much these days, so i just feel bigger when i wear shirts or sweaters with them.
then there are my dresses... they're easy & difficult. my dresses still fit, but sometimes it makes me look more like i've just put on weight than looking like i'm pregnant, which i'm also not a fan of. needless to say, i'm having issues.
who likes to go out when they don't feel like they're looking at least a little bit cute? not me. & i'm really not into going out & about when i don't feel comfortable, it totally throws off my entire day & attitude (dumb, i know, but it's so true!).
i'm thinking it's probably time for me to branch into maternity wear, at least for a skirt & dress. but after some convincing from friends, i've decided until the little one is born, to document my pregnant style in hopes of being inspired to get a little more dressed & feel a bit cuter than i have been lately.
{see that little baby bump?!}
dress: gap
 tights: target
 belt: free people
boots: nordstrom

little one

it's been hard for me to think what we could do with our blank room. it's currently more of a storage/austin's fly tying room... so it has stuff all over which could also be making it hard to imagine. but we've been slowly clearing it out & we're planning on ordering the crib this week, & painting it within the next few weeks, so it will soon be underway. 
i'm not wanting to go with a specific theme for the little mans bedroom, i'm not sure why, but i just don't. so i've been going back & forth between the idea of doing a single navy striped wall. i don't want it to give the room to nautical of a feeling, but i've been reassured multiple times by multiple people that it won't... so we're going to go for it. 
i'm not really sure why this little ones room is so hard for me to create. i mean, he's only going to live in it for a year of his life so he isn't even going to remember it! but i still want to love it cause i'm pretty sure we'll be in there a lot! plus, it's my biggest project i have going on right now, so obviously it takes up a lot of my free time thinking! 
so far, i really like what i have chosen for the room (the crib, striped walls, & bedding) & i'm really excited to see it all come together, i'm really hoping it all comes together as imagine it. links are listed below for where i found everything!


1. an old picture of my brother & i on our safari
2. star pants! & neon!
3. me & ashley in celebration of her birthday!
4. new skull to add to our collection
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yesterday i decided to get creative with my nails. i recently got a couple nail pens & wanted to test them out, & i thought polkadots was a great place to start! it's really easy to do & i'm really happy with the way they turned out, so i wanted to share it with you! 
a more detailed instruction:
paint your nails the desired color with two coats, like normal. i used orly sand castle because it was the closest i have to a nude color. let your nails dry & take your nail pen & start just lightly tapping your nail with it, to get a dainty kind of polkadot. (make sure to let your nails completely dry before using the nail pen or you'll have to start over) i tapped at random with the nail pen so my dots don't have any order, but if it's easier for you then you can create an order. apply as many dots as you want. let completely dry & follow with a top coat (if you don't let the nail pen completely dry, they'll smudge with the top coat, so be careful!) & you're done!
 probably only adds about 5 minutes to painting your nails as you normally would.. so i think it's worth it!

getting a little personal

i've decided to busy myself. whatever that means. im going to find things to do in my spare time. lately it has become so easy to stay in bed far too long, watching tv on my computer or reading, cuddled up to our kitten when austin is off working. it's been far too cold to have any desire to step outside & leave our warm little home. & i think it's been bringing me down. 
i like to stay busy. i like to constantly be doing something. drawing, writing, painting, making something... anything. i've never been one to just sit & do nothing. don't get me wrong, i love being lazy, but i guess i don't like it when i don't do things in between. go figure. my pregnancy has been a really easy one, luckily! but lately, i've had trouble feeling like myself. i think part of it is not being able to do things like snowboarding & rock climbing that i love, & having to stay home instead. without being able to do two of my favorite things, i have found myself in a rut this winter.
i have a lot of good days, where everything is normal & happy. i'm not one to get easily down by any means. but lately i've found myself feeling... empty. i feel as if there is nothing for me to do & it makes me look forward to when i actually get homework so i have something to work on, something to do. i have been trying to busy myself with the baby room but i mostly just find myself going back to my original idea, so it isn't really working that great. but i want to take hold of myself & my emotions. i don't like feeling useless & empty, i like feeling accomplished & proud (who doesn't?!)
so i'm trying to busy myself. with what i think is important & will help me. i'm going to start going to the gym, because it truly makes me happy, i enjoy it & i feel great after. plus i won't be so harsh on myself if i go to the gym... at least i don't think i will be! austin & i talked about it & both think that going to the gym could really help me, & he's also decided to go with me! which makes me happy because it's a billion times easier to go with someone. plus, i'd rather stay home with him than go hangout at the gym by myself. i'm also really wanting to attempt making a quilt that i found on pinterest, so i'm going to have a go at that which i'm looking forward to. & lately i've slowly been starting to paint more, which is my true love & passion. i've really liked it too, i've been experimenting with different paints & styles, so i am hoping to paint even more & make something i'm proud of. & something i could possibly put in the little ones room.
i'm hoping to come out of this rut of mine soon. it's crazy to even think i am in a rut seeing as there is so much happening in my life & so much to look forward to. but sometimes you just can't help it. & ignoring the rut, doesn't make it disappear. which i need to remember, because that was my original way of dealing with it, & apparently it hasn't worked. so i'm embracing it & hopefully putting an end to it. wish me luck! 


1. wore my skull blouse for the 1st day of this semester
2. some bling for my arm
3. my growing little baby bump
4. trying to decide on a color for the little mans room
5. i love waking up to more snow! 
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latest read

i like to read a wide genre of books, but one that i really like are biographies. especially if i find them humorous in any way. so while i do read biographies about important people i'm also big into reading biographies like tina fey's bossy pants, all of chelsea handlers books & my most recent: mindy kaling. 
you probably know her from the office. she writes, produces, acts & directs the office & she is really, really funny. i had heard that she put out a book, but i hadn't heard anything about it until i was at my cousin party & a couple of my cousins were saying how much they had loved the book. so i decided to try it out & it is just as great as they told me it was. she's such a spastic, funny, weird person that has the most interesting things happen to her in her life that i would think only happen in tv. which probably helps her out to write her tv shows. i also decided after reading her book to watch her newest tv show, the mindy project & i am loving it. the first episode got me hooked. it's so funny & i think the character takes a lot after her in real life, at least this is what i'm deciding since i've read her book & obviously know her so well now. if you want a funny, light read i definitely recommend is everyone hanging out without me! 

& we're having a....

today was our big ultrasound. the one where we got to find out what this little babe of ours is. austin & i were both so excited & antsy for it to be time to go. it was so cool. we got to have a look at everything on the baby. we checked out the head & brain, took a look at the spine, the arms, the little legs & feet. it was so fun! we got to try & see the little baby face & it's the cutest baby face i've ever seen. i fell in love with it. 
the little babe was a stubborn one. it had it's hand covering it's face in the beginning, making it a little difficult to see it's cute nose & mouth. & it had it's legs tightly curled up, so it was squished into a little ball making it impossible to tell what it was! i was getting so nervous & antsy thinking that we would have to come back another day to learn if it was a girl or a boy & i really did not want to have to wait any longer than we have. the nurse tried getting the babe to move by pushing on it's legs & nothing was working. after trying for about 15 minutes, the nurse decided that we would walk around & go get my blood pressure & weight, & i could try going to the bathroom to see if that would help get the little one to stretch it's legs. so i did all of that & jumped around a little waiting for the nurse to come back so we could give it a second look & lucky for us, it worked! 
the babe finally started to stretch it's little legs out & move them around just enough for us to see that it's a teeny tiny little boy! we are both so excited, especially austin! he has been hoping for a boy the entire time so he could teach him "manly" stuff. it will be so fun to have this little guy in our life. i cannot wait to meet this little boy & fall in love even more!

the saddest/best movie ever

tonight we decided to do something fun since it was the last night before school started again. so i looked up movies & was so excited to see that the impossible was playing in provo. i've been looking forward to seeing the movie ever since i saw the trailer for the first time & cried my little eyeballs out. i obviously should have known that the whole movie was going to be terribly emotional seeing as the trailer was, but i'm still pretty shocked at just how much i cried. i think i can honestly say i have never cried so many times in one movie.
the movie is amazing. it's such an awesome story & it's truly insane that this entire family survived & were able to find each other. it blows my mind that this actually happened to them i cannot imagine going through something so traumatic. it was so, so, so good & SO, SO, SO sad. like i said, i cried a lot. basically through the entire movie... but it does have a good ending so its a little happy. but still i think the saddest movie i have ever seen. i totally recommend going to see it, just know you're going to cry... & if you don't there might be something wrong.
if you don't know what the movie i'm talking about even is, then watch this trailer!


it's been a slow picture week...
1. new years eve kiss
2. family bonding time 

the bedroom

for every newly married couple in our family, my mom gives us bedroom furniture as our wedding gift. which is awesome & so nice of her. austin & i had been looking for some, but for now we were ok. we have a little metal frame for our bed, an old side table that we got from my family, & my dresser i've used since i've been in college. so we weren't needing to find anything right away. i didn't want to rush into it, i needed time to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for so we were taking our time. & then we found out we were having our tiny babe so the hunt for furniture got a little more intense. 
we had decided it would be better to give the baby my dresser rather than buying a new one, & that we would just get our bedroom furniture. so it's been about 4 months since making that decision & 7 months since we've been married & we have finally chosen the furniture we wanted. 
i am so excited for it to arrive. it will make our little bedroom a lot more like an actual bedroom. we can now (hopefully) get rid of the clothes racks we have & plastic drawers & have a nice cleaner looking bedroom (the clothing racks aren't really my favorite item in the room)
our 2 dressers have already shipped & our bed & side table should ship sometime soon. which is perfect since we find out on wednesday what we're having & we can then repaint my currently purple dresser! so here are the before pictures of our bedroom! i cannot wait to set up the new furniture & show what it looks like, i'm hoping for a pretty good improvement! 
so you kind of get the idea of whats going to be happening, right?