cabin fever

austin & i have a case of cabin fever. we've been back in utah for a week & since new years day, we have had z.e.r.o. to do. we both keep saying we can't wait for school to start (we'll probably be ready for school to end by thursday) & are eager for our friends to come back. besides have absolutely nothing to do, it's been FREEZING. 6 degrees is far too cold for me to go outside unless it is completely necessary. 
we've been trying to come up with things to do to fill our time. mostly things that we knew we would have to do, but have been putting off so i guess this cabin fever & freezing temperatures have been slightly helpful. so far we have: 
undecorated our christmas decorations
deep cleaned all rooms in our house
got our cat his shots, spayed
reorganized the closet, added extra hanging space
finally chose bedroom furniture (i am so excited)
went to the grocery store & made a MONTH of meal plans
went & saw a movie 
hung out with our friends jj & nicole who we don't see enough
i began reading a new book
started & finished the series Girls
did a lot of laundry
so it hasn't been the most unproductive, but we're still pretty bored. if it could just maybe warm up.. just a tiny bit.. i think we'd both be happier. at least then we could go outside without wearing a jacket, sweatshirt, long sleeve, thermals, leggins, socks, boots, mittens & hat.... that might be nice. here's to the new year

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  1. i like this photo. slash the fact that now you can waste away your time with usss again!!!