camera shy

 so...i'm a little camera shy. it doesn't make sense really, because i honestly love having my picture taken. as i've said before, i literally will do just about anything for a good photo op. but that's different. those are fun/cool/exciting pictures (at least i think they are), where as taking pictures of what i wear.... is just weird/awkward. i'm an awkward human. i don't know what do do with my face, my arms, my hands... i feel funny making austin take pictures of me, you'd think i'd be more natural having him do it, but i'm really not. it's all just weird. & i've always been this way. 
you know when you're in high school & you're girlfriends & you decide it would be fun to have a "photo shoot" so you get all dolled up & put on your cutest outfit, (or if you were me & my friends, you get a little dolled up & put on weird random clothes) & go out to take some pictures. it sounds like a so much fun & you're excited because you'll then have all these great new pictures. well, they never really worked out for me because it turns out i'm a terrible model. even back then i didn't know what to do with my face, hands, arms, body. sadly, it hasn't changed. 
but i'm not going to let it stop me from posting outfit pictures! i'm still determined to do this throughout the pregnancy, hopefully i'll get more comfortable & my pictures won't look so weird. but for now, these will just have to do! 
vest: anthropologie
denim shirt: nordstrom
leggings: lulu lemon
rainboots: hunter 

check out the pleated poppy for other outfits!

&&& just because i mentioned awkward high school photo shoots.... here's a good one. 
i used to have a lot of pictures from this night, but sadly (it's actually for the best) they seem to have been deleted. dang. 


  1. hahaha i'm the same way! but i think your outfit posts are way cute. you dont look awkward at all.

  2. Hahaha story. of. my. life. So awkward. And it gets a million times more awkward when I try to get Jean Paul to tell me how to pose.

  3. I think you look great - not awkward at all! But I do know what you mean. It feels so silly to pose for "outfit pics." Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I just made weird faces.

    Oh and the picture of you and your friends is so hilarious!