sundance film festival

i have lived in utah for 6 years & had never gone to see a sundance movie, up to park city in hopes of a celebrity spotting, or just experienced anything that had to do with sundance, until this year. i was pretty excited when nick & shayla asked if we would want to go to a sundance movie with them, because i have always wanted to but i always forget to think ahead & actually  do something about it. lucky for us, shayla had thought ahead & got on the list to sign up for tickets, hooray! so she & nick found the movie for us to go to, Big Sur, & austin & i happily agreed.
the movie is based off of jack kerouacs' book Big Sur. i've never read any of his books, i've always been meaning/wanting to but just never have. & after seeing this movie, i want to read his books even more so, especially Big Sur, so it's going to be my next book. austin has read some of his other books & has read part/most of big sur, & he claims it was done exactly how his books are written.
nick & austin also said that a lot of the dialog was taken straight from the book, which i think is pretty cool. 
i thought it was an interesting story, about the time kerouac spent in big sur & about how he goes a bit crazy. plus it was all filmed in big sur so the scenery is gorgeous. it made me really want to go there soon. in the closing scene he said a quote that i fell in love with instantly, so i immediately went home, looked it up & wrote it down in my journal. there's something about the way it's worded & the meaning that i think is beautiful. maybe that's weird, but maybe it'll strike you too! 

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