i just really like everything about this video


>>> i have the nicest husband who makes me tea while i'm in the shower (picture is of my favorite rooibos tea with honey & milk) 
>>> the sun has finally started to come out & it makes me the happiest
>>> this video really makes me rethink the cuddly aspect of koalas..
>>> i'm very excited for spring break, even though we don't know if we'll actually do anything during it
>>> lazy mornings where neither of us have anything to get up for are my favorite
>>> i am almost in my 3rd trimester & can't believe it.
>>> i cannot believe this semester is almost over!
>>> my new favorite breakfast spot is joe's cafe, if you're in provo/orem you should definitely go
>>> we're going to france in 3 weeks!

currently craving...

you all know those days where you really should be studying & doing homework,
but instead you get sucked into pinterest, etsy & admiring everything & anything online? 
today has been that day for me.
in between classes i have been paroozing the internet & have
come up with a few things of which i'm craving.. for me & the little one.
(i think me & the little might need to get a pair of matching neon toe cap shoes..)

school days

like most school days, austin & i woke up about 20 minutes later than we originally planned. this seems to happen every school day, you'd think we would figure it out, but we don't. the bed is just too comfortable. but unlike most other mornings, austin woke up panicked because he had forgotten he had a presentation to give in his first class & hadn't prepared anything. so i quickly hopped up & out of bed & scrambled around finding things to wear, trying to be the fastest i could so he could get to class early & finish preparing. doesn't that sound like such a fun morning? 
since i generally wake up late for school, i don't give myself a whole lot of time to get ready & every night before class, i say i'm going to get up & actually do my hair & get cute looking.. it never seems to happen. i generally just put on whatever is comfortable, yet (in my opinion) still a cute outfit. since i'm there from 8:30-5:20 i want to be as comfortable as possible with this belly of mine.
& this is what i came up with for today. this polka-dotted chambray has become a quick new favorite of mine. i've already worn in 3 times & i've had it for almost a week (don't worry, it's clean). it's so easy to pair with anything & is so soft & comfortable (i bought it a couple sizes bigger so i can wear it while the belly grows), all of which are important to me when buying clothes! 
anyways. today has been a busy one. we've been in school all day, took a quick break to run home to grab my computer & grab some food, & now austy & i are back in the library working on mid-terms. oh what fun it is to be in college! we've only had one day of school this week & i'm already ready for the weekend... which of course is going to be filled with homework. but at least it's a break from going to class, right? 
jacket: j. crew >> shirt: j. crew >> pants: free people >> shoes: todds >> purse: marc jacobs >> watches: marc jacobs & cartier >> glasses: tom ford >> open black diamond ring: lana 

the bedroom part 2

 our bed & dressers have arrived & we have finally gotten it all set up
i am sooo happy with the furniture! i am seriously in love with our bed
it feels great to have a bedroom with actual furniture too, rather than those plastic bins piled on top of each other
(now they just get to live under the bed)
our room doesnt have that many options for how to set it up with all the furniture.. 
but we're considering rearranging so it isn't such a tight squeeze between the footboard & tall dresser
but for now, it works wonderfully
milty wanted to say hi

Happy love day

 14 reasons I love this guy: 
1. He woke up at 6 a.m. to make me a special valentine breakfast
2. He makes me laugh harder than anyone I know 
3. He thinks I'm funny 
4. He's extremely ticklish & I love it
5. We often think the exact same thoughts, it's almost weird 
6. He's really really smart & hardworking which I admire
7. He knows everything about me & still doesn't think I'm weird
8. He's always surprising me with cute little things for no reason 
9. He makes funny accents & voices 
10. He's always good to go on an adventure
11. He's got a really cute smile
12. He loves gummy candy and grape soda like a child & it's adorable
13. He's always reassuring me that I'm good at things or my cooking is good, even when I know it's not
14. I never get bored of spending every single day with him

Happy valentines day to everyone & their special someone! 
Head over to His little lady to see valentine couples 
  From all over!

don't let them steal your sparkle!

first off: i can't believe i'm actually writing a post about the bachelor.
but i really just have to. last nights episode was too great. 
can i just say how amazing this show is?
i've watched other seasons, but i never actually get that into it (except last season & that was obviously due to jef holm being from provo). & like past seasons, i haven't actually cared if i missed any episodes this season. 
HOWEVER, i am so happy i did not miss last nights. 
tierra is unreal. i love it. she is completely insane &
constantly coming up with the best one-liners. example: "men just love me." 
seriously, how does abc find these amazing girls to cast on the show!? i don't know how they are so great at picking the crazies, but they really know what they're doing. 
all these girls really make this show PURE GOLD. 

love stories

normally i wouldn't say i'm a big love story movie lover. but the other day i was trying to pick a movie out to watch & it turns out a lot of my movies are love stories. but hey, every girl loves a good love story, right? annnyways, this realization got me thinking about what my favorite love stories are & since the day of loooove is so close, i want to share my favs with you! 
 if you haven't seen any of these, i suggest you rent or borrow them for someone, because i think they are all amazing. here are my favorite quotes from the movies
(if you haven't seen the movie.. you may not understand why i love this quote, but if you have, you should!)
clementine: joely? what if you stayed this time?
joel: i walked out the door. there's no memory left.
clementine: come back & make up a good-bye at least. let's pretend we had one.
clementine: bye joel
joel: i love you...
clementine: meet me in montauk..
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
clementine: this is it, joel. it's going to be gone soon.
joel: i know.
clementine: what do we do?
joel: enjoy it
i love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. i love that it takes you an hour & 
a half to order a sandwhich. i love that you get a little crinkle above your nose 
when you're looking at me like i'm nuts. 
i love that after i spend the day with you, i can still smell your perfume on my clothes. 
& i love that you are the last person i want to talk to before i go to sleep at night. 
& it's not because i'm lonely, & it's not because it's new years eve. 
i came here tonight because when you realize you 
want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, 
you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. 
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
harry: i've been doing a lot of thinking, & the thing is, i love you.
sally: what?
harry: i love you.
sally: how do you expect me to respond to this?
harry: how about, you love me too.
sally: how about, i'm leaving.
love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. i say, fall head over heels. 
find someone you can love like crazy & who will love you the same way back. 
how do you find him? well, you forget your head, & you listen to your heart. 
& i'm not hearing any heart. cause the truth is, honey, there's no sense living your life without this. 
to make the journey & not fall deeply in love, 
well, you haven't lived a life at all. but you have to try, 
cause if you haven't tried, 
you haven't lived.
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
susan: tell me you love me now.
joe: i love you now. i love you always.
-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
i've felt loved, & that's all that matters. so, never mind favorites. 
you're allowed to have one. 
the point is, you've been mine.

what are some of your favorite lovey-dovey movies?

tid bits from the weekend

this weekend...
>>> we stayed in salt lake
>>> austin working all the way up in layton everyday
>>> i wandered around the mall admiring all the pretty things it has to offer me
>>> attempting to make candles
>>> eating at all the good places that aren't in provo 
>>> enjoying a lovely date at in 'n out & going to see side effects
>>> milton loving the bathtub (he's an odd kitten)
>>> involved a snowstorm that left everything pillowy white
>>> seeing our friends that live in salt like
>>> watching part of the grammy's (it didn't get fully recorded, i was pretty sad)
>>> catching up on homework & studying for tests

the fish

i've always had a thing for different kinds of camera & film cameras. 
i'm not sure where my love for them first started, but over the years my collection
of cameras has grown quite a lot. 
my first different camera purchase i made was a film fisheye.
i love fish eye pictures. whether they're film or digital, i love them.
i'm all about the rounded bubble effect that the camera gives.
lately, i haven't taken the fish out, but i was going through old pictures
& found a bunch of my fish pictures that i've never shared before
so i thought that i should!
better late than never, right? right. 

downton sixbey

jimmy fallon has a spoof of downton abbey
called downton sixbey & i think it's extremely funny.
he started doing it last spring & this is the 3 episode of the spoof.
(#2 wasn't really my favorite)
watch the 1st one here!

string of hearts

i decided to get my craft on today. 
i wouldn't say i love valentines day, but i do really love valentine decorations.
i'm not sure where this love comes from, but it's there.
so today i decided to craft something up to put in our house.

1. i didn't use a stencil or anything to trace because i like the idea of them not all being the same exact shape/size, but feel free to use one if you want.
i folded over my piece of felt, drew a heart with a piece of chalk (it wipes away super easily) & cut it out so the two pieces would match up.
2. i'm not good at sewing, so i hand stitched these little guys. 
it was really easy & pretty quick to do.
3. i bought a small thing of blanket batting & pulled it apart to stuff inside my little heart.
there's no right amount, just stuff away till your heart is as puffed up as you want it! 
4. after i stuffed it i finished stitching it up & it was done! each heart took me about 7-10 minutes

at first, i was just going to make a bunch of hearts to fill up my giant mason jar,
but that plan failed when i realized i didn't buy enough felt...
so instead i strung them together to make a heart garland instead!
milton also really liked the hearts. he liked them so much he stole one & has been hiding
it ever since...

TRAVELOGUE // viva las vegas

saturday morning i woke up from a text from my mom asking if austin & i would like to meet her in vegas on sunday. short notice, short planning, but obviously we said yes, who passes up a weekend getaway? not us.
i couldn't have been happier with the invite. a weekend away in the sunshine & warmth is exactly what austin & i have both been dreaming about.
& we didn't care that it would last less than 48 hours, it was pretty worth it.
we booked our flights saturday afternoon, sunday we departed & late monday night we returned.
i am not a huge fan of vegas by any means,
so this extremely short trip was the perfect amount of time.
we walked the strip, ate delicious food, shopped, got massages,
& got to hangout with my mom.
it was a pretty perfect 30 hours in  vegas!

p.s. if you're pregnant & you can, definitely get a prenatal massage. 
probably one of the best things of my recent life.
it felt like heaven, i loved every single second of it.


1. painting baby room stripes
2. my new favorite display: skull collection at our school
3. serendipity!
4. he was just so sleepy
5. throwback pic of me & rei in honor of her birthday

downtown slc dinner date

last valentines day my mom gave austin & i a ruth's chris gift card & we never used it. we would make plans to go & have a fancy date, as we would call it, where we would get dressed up, go to our fancy dinner & go to a movie or show or something along those lines. needless to say it kept getting pushed back further & further away. well, we finally decided to put our gift card to use & neither of us could be happier. i was getting worried since the year mark was rolling around, that it wouldn't work anymore or the amount would drop like some gift cards do, so we had to make sure to use it before valentines.
we attempted to use it laaaaast week & it failed due to the insane snowstorm that came out of the blue. which wasn't very cool, because i had gotten all excited for my delicious dinner just to realize that it wasn't going to happen. we even got ready & started to make our way up there & then the roads got so terrible we figured it wasn't worth all the effort. so sadly we turned around, got dinner somewhere else to still make it a date, & went home. so i guess it wasn't a complete bust... but when you're promised ruth's chris & it does't happen, it's disappointing. 
anyways, so last night austy & i got all dressed up & ready to go. we headed downtown where we stuffed ourselves. i had the petite filet, asparagus, & a house salad, while austy had the filet & lobster combo, mashed potatoes, a house salad & we had creme brûlée to share. it was all unreal. we loved every second of it. & were both stuffed but didn't want to stop eating because it was all so good. 
we're working on taking more pictures, my 2013 picture folder is too empty for my liking

valentine playlist 2013

starwars printable downloads here!

1. The Lumineers- ho hey
2. Beirut- postcards from italy
3. Ray LaMontagne- you are the best thing
4. Ryan Adams- lucky now
5. Sea Wolf- middle distance runner
6. The Avett Brothers- swept away
7. The Beach Boys- god only knows
8. Evan Rachel Wood- i've just seen a face
9. Mason Jennings- my perfect lover
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- hysteric (acoustic version) 
11. Ingrid Michaelson- can't help falling in love
12. Feist- brandy alexander 
13. Belle and Sebastian- if she wants me
14. The Colorful Quiet- i didn't know
15. Devendra Banhart- lover
16. Florence + The Machine- never let me go
17. Mason Jennings- if you need a reason
18. Etta James- at last
19. Norah Jones- come away with me
20. Rilo Kiley- silver lining
21. Best Coast- when i'm with you
22. The Temper Trap- sweet disposition
23. Florence + The Machine - addicted to love