Biarritz, France

we spent the majority of our time in france in biarritz. it's in the southern part of france, in the heart of basque country & right near the border of spain. it's an adorable little beach town that i truly loved, but unfortunately for us the weather was pretty cold & rainy most of the time. but we did get one beautiful, hot day filled with sunshine & it was amazing. i could definitely spend some more time in biarritz in the summer. the water is so blue & clear, there are tons of little beaches scattered along the coast & delicious waffles & gelato! i will go back in the future & layout on the beach for a week. it's a new goal of mine

Bourdeaux, france

we took the train from paris to bourdeaux where we met up with shem & andrea. they've been living there while shem goes to school, so they got to be our tour guides.  it's such a cool little city, i really liked it there. we didn't stay too long, but we got to experience a lot, including the best pastry, chocolate & waffle shops bourdeaux has to offer. andrea brought us the most delicious puff pastries. they're very similar to a creme puff, but so so so much better.. it's the best way i can describe them. we all ate them immediately & i really want to go back & get some more before we leave. it's on my to-do list.
shem & andrea are staying in a families house while they are in the states for a year, so we got to go over & see what their house is like. it's so cool to see the difference between a french home & american, it's a narrow, straight up 3 story house & was so cool. they are getting such an awesome experience, especially since their little boy tama is going to school here & is 100% fluent in french. i would love if austin & my family got to do something similar one day.

one day in paris

i mentioned a few posts back that we were going to france & we have finally made it! my mom, austin & i got here friday night & one day in paris while we waited for russell & kristen to get in, on saturday night. paris is by far one of my favorite cities. france in general is one of my favorite countries, but paris really has a hold on me. there's something so magical about being in paris, & i absolutely loved being there with austin! it's so much fun traveling with him & getting to show him some of my favorite places.
since we only had one day, we packed in all the major sights: the louvre, eiffel tower, sacré coeur, arc de triomphe... & a few others. we realllly wanted to make sure austin got to see all the big sights. & we were not going to let the extremely cold slightly rainy weather stop us. here comes the photo overload.

maternity shoot

monday afternoon austin & i went out to saratoga springs where 
so a friend of his from high school could take some maternity shots of me
she had been looking for pregnant girls to take maternity pictures to add to her portfolio
& was offering to do them for free, so i quickly signed up. 
she was really fun & easy to worked with. 
go here to check out more of her work! 

what's happening in our life

+++spent sunday being lazy. went to church, hungout with austin's mom, went home, 
cuddled up on our bed & watched some friday night lights. it's the new show we've for some reason started & i'm a little obsessed with it. then we cleaned up a little, unpacked, made dinner, & watched some more.
+++went baby registering today with ashley. i have no idea what to get.. so i sort of just registered for anything & everything, i figure that should cover it. right?! it's a little stressful because 
i'm just not completely sure what i will even need & don't think i will know till this little 
guy is here. but i'm hoping what i registered for is good enough!
+++took maternity pictures this afternoon. it's something i never thought i would do. i'm the person that likes to laugh at maternity pictures.. i mean, they are so cheesy. 
but i got to thinking that it could be fun, & i just wouldn't do the cheesy ones!
 & it worked out because a photographer friend of austins was looking for preggo ladies for a free maternity shoot for her portfolio, so i decided to do it. i like her pictures plus it was free, so i figured i may as well
+++it's finally getting warm in utah & i am the happiest about this. 
it was a good 50* today & it felt amazing.
+++we leave for france on thursday. it has seriously come up so quick. i've been 
making lists of what to do before, what we need to get, what we need to take. all sorts to help me
get everything done. i cannot wait! 


here are some pictures of our drive from s.f. to n.p.
we drove through carmel, big sur, cambria
& santa barbara. 
it's such a beautiful drive & we had perfect weather for it too.
it's a long drive, but it was a lot of fun.