Bourdeaux, france

we took the train from paris to bourdeaux where we met up with shem & andrea. they've been living there while shem goes to school, so they got to be our tour guides.  it's such a cool little city, i really liked it there. we didn't stay too long, but we got to experience a lot, including the best pastry, chocolate & waffle shops bourdeaux has to offer. andrea brought us the most delicious puff pastries. they're very similar to a creme puff, but so so so much better.. it's the best way i can describe them. we all ate them immediately & i really want to go back & get some more before we leave. it's on my to-do list.
shem & andrea are staying in a families house while they are in the states for a year, so we got to go over & see what their house is like. it's so cool to see the difference between a french home & american, it's a narrow, straight up 3 story house & was so cool. they are getting such an awesome experience, especially since their little boy tama is going to school here & is 100% fluent in french. i would love if austin & my family got to do something similar one day.