what's happening in our life

+++spent sunday being lazy. went to church, hungout with austin's mom, went home, 
cuddled up on our bed & watched some friday night lights. it's the new show we've for some reason started & i'm a little obsessed with it. then we cleaned up a little, unpacked, made dinner, & watched some more.
+++went baby registering today with ashley. i have no idea what to get.. so i sort of just registered for anything & everything, i figure that should cover it. right?! it's a little stressful because 
i'm just not completely sure what i will even need & don't think i will know till this little 
guy is here. but i'm hoping what i registered for is good enough!
+++took maternity pictures this afternoon. it's something i never thought i would do. i'm the person that likes to laugh at maternity pictures.. i mean, they are so cheesy. 
but i got to thinking that it could be fun, & i just wouldn't do the cheesy ones!
 & it worked out because a photographer friend of austins was looking for preggo ladies for a free maternity shoot for her portfolio, so i decided to do it. i like her pictures plus it was free, so i figured i may as well
+++it's finally getting warm in utah & i am the happiest about this. 
it was a good 50* today & it felt amazing.
+++we leave for france on thursday. it has seriously come up so quick. i've been 
making lists of what to do before, what we need to get, what we need to take. all sorts to help me
get everything done. i cannot wait! 

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  1. Jealy! Have SO much fun in France! Cant wait to see pics!