a real summer day

the only thing better than a day spent at the pool with friends & some in n out is a day spent at the beach with friends & some in n out... & since there isn't a beach in utah, the pool was perfect. 
brittany & grayson invited us, ashley, jake & johnny to come swim at her parents community pool & it was great. since i can't swim for 3 more weeks, i attempted to work on my tan & took a million pictures to document cedars first pool experience. sadly for him, he didn't even go in the pool because it's practically impossible to find swim diapers or a swimsuit that will fit him.. 
so instead we lathered him up with baby sunscreen, plopped his great hat on him & let him hangout in his diaper in the shade all day (i didn't want to chance have a burnt baby). he & austin stayed with each other & had some bonding time & i sat on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling in talking to everyone else. it was a lot of fun & made me feel like it was officially summertime.
after swimming we went to brittany's parents house to relax & change before dinner. we met up with a couple more friends at the cheesecake factory & stayed way to late talking about anything & everything. it was seriously an awesome day. i loved it. 


  1. Such a fun day! We need to go again soon!

  2. yay summer! and Austin is such a nice guy to nurse Cedar for you.