family reunion

friday afternoon austin, cedar, my mom & i made the trek up to pinedale wyoming for a family reunion. my moms uncle mel threw the big reunion at his summer home in pinedale.
we had games, fishing, songs, fire pits, s'more making, singing & a lot of catching up
with cousins that i never see & meeting some new ones. 
before this weekend i'd only ever been to jackson hole & to my surprise, pinedale it absolutely nothing like jackson. seriously.... there is nothing at all in pinedale. austin & i walked all of pinedale in about 15 minutes... & it was less than exciting. buuuuut it is really pretty, so they've got that going for them! & it was really fun hanging out at my uncles lake & messing around. (sorry to offend anyone that might be from pinedale!) i got a lot of pictures from when we were at his lake. it's in the middle of nowhere (like pinedale), with literally nothing around it except for fields of grass & these pretty little purple flowers everywhere. it was so pretty, i obviously had to take loads of pictures. 
& for anyone wondering who the adorable little girl is that is in practically all of my pictures, her name is wren. she's my cousin whitney's little girl & i absolutely adore her. she's perfect, so i obviously also had to take loads of photos of her! 

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