today i'm more grateful for my family & our safety than i ever have been. yesterday we got in a car accident, & it was the scariest day i've experienced since becoming a mom. 
austin, cedar, my mom & i were driving on pch when it happened. a couple of pedestrians decided to run across the road to the beach, like many of them do, causing the cars to slow down pretty quickly. we had slowed down & stopped & then boom. we were hit. the guy behind us must not have noticed everyone slowing down, because he came at us pretty quickly & hit us hard,
causing our car to crash into the car in front of us. it was kind of a reality shock & as soon as i realized what had happened my fear from being hit grew at the thought of tiny cedar in the car being hurt.
i instantly yelled asking austin, who was next to cedar, if cedar was alright & luckily he was. luckily for all of us none of us were hurt, just a little bit of whip lash.
but the guy who hit us totaled his car, crushing the front in & slammed his head against his dash, & the car in front of us was crushed in the back. my moms car looks like it hardly got hit compared to the others, & i am entirely grateful for that & that her car was able to take such a hit.
i guess what scared me the most are all the what-ifs. what if one of us didn't have our seat belts on, or if cedar wasn't strapped in, or wasn't strapped in tight enough... those kind of things. 
it definitely showed me how strong a car seat is & just how important it is to always strap him in, even though i know he'll cry for a second, because you never know what's going to happen or when.
i love my family & am so grateful for our safety. in the long run i know it wasn't a major accident, we are all ok. but the thought of one of us being hurt terrifies me. & i guess i get to be terrified for the rest of my life now that i'm a mom


  1. That is definitely really scary but thank goodness you're all ok!

  2. oh my gosh so scary! i'm sorry! i'm so glad you guys are okay.

  3. so scary i'm glad you guys are all okay!!