this past weekend austin, cedar & i made our way down to california to meet our newest nephew.
his name is russell, after my brother. i like to call him baby rus.
he's a tan little baby, tanner than i am, with brown hair, hazel-ish eyes, & the cutest, smallest face ever.
he looks so much like his mom, it's crazy. 
seeing our tiny, cute nephew really made me realize how big cedar is too. it's crazy how much they change & how quickly! it made me kind of sad that he's not so small anymore.
& even though they were both born at about the same size, you can already tell that their bodies will be different as they grow.
i always thought people were crazy when they would say how they missed the "baby" stage of their 3 month olds, cause i figured they still were a baby. but i think i realized they mean. cedar is still a baby but hes definitely out of the newborn phase & i'm blown away how fast it happened. 
i was far more obsessed holding my nephew than i have been with any other baby (besides cedar, obviously) & i think it's because i miss the baby stage.
i'm so excited for my brother & sister-in-law & for cedar & baby rus to have cousins so close in age to each other. it'll seriously be so fun for those two whenever we're together.
it was so fun to go down, even if it wasn't for very long. it's always nice to go back home.
we had a packed weekend seeing friends, grandparents, going to dinner & lunch,
the baby blessing, getting my hair done (& yes, i get my hair done in california even though i live in utah), meeting friends for breakfast in malibu & taking a quick stop at the beach. 
but i loved every second of it. 
check out the warp & woof for my beach outfit details! 


not a lot has been going on. just a lot of school, studying, & the occasional dinner with friends, which is always fun. >>>>> things to look forward to: going to california to meet our new nephew//escaping to oregon for fall break//going to see kanye west perform <<<<< i saw this quote on a friends instagram the other day & thought it was really great. & something important not to forget. life can get crazy, but we can't let it get ahead of us.


for those of you that don't know, miley cyrus released her new single, wrecking ball, the other day & already there are covers. i'm not complaining because i think it's an awesome version & sort of wished that it was the original. listen to it & have a happy weekend!


(images all found via pinterest)
since having cedar it's been hard to find the time to workout. while i was pregnant i had myself convinced that it would be easy to make the time. & i truly could not wait to start working out again. i'm sad to say i have only gone running twice since having cedar in june. & have only gone rock climbing once since having cedar. these are things i thought i would be able to do a lot more. but you know.. it's pretty hard. i never really thought how time consuming these things are. plus, i have a lot more responsibility now. it's been a little hectic & i obviously have not made working out a priority. 
my sister-in-law teaches a barre fitness class every wednesday night, & i have been wanting to go, so i finally went last night. before going i got tempted not to go. a friend was in town & wanted to meet for dinner & i really wanted to say yes. but then i decided that was the absolute worst reason not to work out... to eat. so i proudly said i couldn't & i went off to barre.
the class was such an intense workout, i really had no clue what i was getting myself into. & there's seriously so little even done at the barre.. it surprised me. but you know what, i really liked it & enjoyed it. i miss the burning feeling my body gets after a good workout, & how accomplished i feel afterwards. i'm so happy i actually stayed committed & went to the class. i'm going to make it a goal to go every week. 
going to the class made me realize how much i do love pushing my body, how i crave the desire & i enjoy a good workout. i feel so good about myself, it sort of gives me a rush. i want to get back to where i was this time last year. i swear i was in my fitness prime. i was stronger than i had been before, we were rock climbing a lot & i had just finished my third 1/2 marathon & signed up for my fourth. i just need to remember the time & dedication that it takes. i know it won't be easy, but i have to keep going, for myself. i don't want to keep wishing i was in better shape, i want to actually be in better shape.


i saw this picture on pinterest last night & it sort of hit me. i've been thinking a lot about this time, last year. i had no idea i'd be where i am today in life. austin & i had been married for 3 months, were going to school, were making plans to go to thailand in june.. & had no idea i was going to have a baby. it's crazy to me how much has changed & how quickly it all happened! if anyone told me this time last year, that i would have a 3 month old i probably would have laughed straight in their face saying "yeah right" but look at us now! a happy little family of three. i wouldn't change any of it for anything in the world. but it's pretty crazy to think of the difference just one year can make.


cedar hit his three month birthday on wednesday. i really can't believe how fast time is going. he is constantly changing, growing & learning new things. he weighs 13 lbs, is 24 in. (2 feet!) & is smiling, making lots of noises & sucking on his hands all the time. he's got a ton of facial expressions, way more than i have so he must of gotten them from his dad. i'm probably a little bias but i'm pretty sure he's a beautiful baby. or as austin would say "he's handsome cause he's a boy, not beautiful." but i still claim beautiful. 


i've decided to bite the bullet & actually start a fashion blog. 
after a lot of indecisiveness, talking to multiple different people
about whether it was a good idea or a bad idea, i have obviously come 
to the conclusion that it's at least an alright idea. 
the blog is named warp & woof.
it currently features pictures of what i wear, items i'm loving from 
different stores, & will soon have guest spotlights on others fashion.
since creating warp & woof i've been asked numerous times why/how i chose the name 
& what it means. warp & woof is a sewing term.
the definition is: 1. the threads in a woven fabric, combined of the warp (threads running lengthwise) and woof (threads running crosswise) to create the texture of the fabric. 2. the fundamental structure of any process or system.
while i'm not a seamstress by any means, my mom came up with the name 
& it stuck in my head. i liked the way it sounded & i like the definition. 
& that is how the name came to be. 
check it out & give me some feed back! 


even though summer officially ended for us last monday, i feel like it truly is over now that labor day has come & gone. all of a sudden i'm noticing the leaves changing & the nights being a bit cooler. i can't say that i'm not excited for fall. i love fall, especially in utah. it's perfect for me. but i'm pretty bummed on the fact that school has started. especially because austin & i have such crazy schedules that have to work completely opposite of one another so someone can watch cedar. i already know it's going to be a rough semester & we're only a week in. 
but there is a silver lining to our unfortunate semester: after it's over, there is only one left until we graduate. yeep we're both graduating in the spring & i'm pretty excited. a lot could change in our near future, with austin applying to grad schools we will most likely be moving. it'll be really cool to see where he gets in & where we'll end up next fall! 
things seem to change so quickly, it's kind of crazy. i mean, this time last year i never would have guessed we would have a baby now. or that we would be thinking of moving away so soon. life just goes by so much faster when you're older. it blows my mind. big things are in the future, thats for sure. & it's pretty exciting.