even though summer officially ended for us last monday, i feel like it truly is over now that labor day has come & gone. all of a sudden i'm noticing the leaves changing & the nights being a bit cooler. i can't say that i'm not excited for fall. i love fall, especially in utah. it's perfect for me. but i'm pretty bummed on the fact that school has started. especially because austin & i have such crazy schedules that have to work completely opposite of one another so someone can watch cedar. i already know it's going to be a rough semester & we're only a week in. 
but there is a silver lining to our unfortunate semester: after it's over, there is only one left until we graduate. yeep we're both graduating in the spring & i'm pretty excited. a lot could change in our near future, with austin applying to grad schools we will most likely be moving. it'll be really cool to see where he gets in & where we'll end up next fall! 
things seem to change so quickly, it's kind of crazy. i mean, this time last year i never would have guessed we would have a baby now. or that we would be thinking of moving away so soon. life just goes by so much faster when you're older. it blows my mind. big things are in the future, thats for sure. & it's pretty exciting.

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