i saw this picture on pinterest last night & it sort of hit me. i've been thinking a lot about this time, last year. i had no idea i'd be where i am today in life. austin & i had been married for 3 months, were going to school, were making plans to go to thailand in june.. & had no idea i was going to have a baby. it's crazy to me how much has changed & how quickly it all happened! if anyone told me this time last year, that i would have a 3 month old i probably would have laughed straight in their face saying "yeah right" but look at us now! a happy little family of three. i wouldn't change any of it for anything in the world. but it's pretty crazy to think of the difference just one year can make.


  1. This quote is awesome, and totally relates to me too!! I love thinking to myself about things that happened a year ago :) Nice to see the new people that entered my life, and growth I have taken!

    1. it's amazing to see how much can happen in just one year! thanks for your comment :)