cedar hit his three month birthday on wednesday. i really can't believe how fast time is going. he is constantly changing, growing & learning new things. he weighs 13 lbs, is 24 in. (2 feet!) & is smiling, making lots of noises & sucking on his hands all the time. he's got a ton of facial expressions, way more than i have so he must of gotten them from his dad. i'm probably a little bias but i'm pretty sure he's a beautiful baby. or as austin would say "he's handsome cause he's a boy, not beautiful." but i still claim beautiful. 


  1. So adorable. xx

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. He is too cute. He just melted my heart via pictures with his cuteness.

  3. ohhh my gosh. he is so cute! i can't believe it's already been 3 months!

    1. i know! it's crazy how fast it's all gone!!

  4. Hey Kerry, Kristi's sister here, I found your blog via hers and figured it was time to unveil myself! Your little guy IS beautiful (I may be biased towards little ginger men, having a couple as well, but still- really he is!) Love your new blog too!