1. i'm obsessed with letters & how they create words. & words & their meanings &  how they look together.
2. graduating scares me. i'm scared that i won't keep learning, so i've started asking teachers for book recommendations to read after i graduate. most of the books are on philosophy & classics.
3. my personality type is ENTP. what's yours?
4. i never thought there would be a time in my life where i wouldn't have time to paint, but it did & it's right now.
5. seeing the ocean automatically gives me a sense of freedom & happiness.
6. i probably fly at least once a month.
7. i never say "if we ever go.." when talking about traveling, but "when we go..." i just assume it'll happen if we want it to. 
8. journaling is probably my number one hobby that i don't do enough lately. writing down all of my thoughts that are complete nonsense clears my mind & saves my husband from having to hear my crazy ramblings that probably make no sense to him.
9. for some reason i always feel the need to stretch my mouth. my brother does this too, so i guess its a family trait. 
10. nothing makes me happier than waking up to cuddle with my husband & play with our happy little baby.

p.s. happy halloween! 


left to right, top to bottom:
1. cedar & my cousins cute girl wren, playing
2. cedar & i in oregon
3. driving along the coast at night in oregon
4. i stole my husbands socks, & they were the best
5. cedar in a fish net
6. newest piece of wall decor
7. austin & cedar cuddled up in bed
8. austin & cedar at haystock rock, in oregon

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in a nutshell, our weekend was a little bit like this:
we stayed in salt lake city.
had pizza at the pie.
our friends matt & courtney visiting from california.
made a trip to free people, & since it just opened i obviously had to go.
cedar sprouting another tooth, making him have teeth. weird.
drove up little cottonwood canyon.
eating at lonestar taqueria, a must for us whenever we're in the area
stayed up way too late with friends we don't see enough of.
went to park city.
& of course, homework.
what did you do?

last weekend we went & saw one of my favorite bands, surfer blood
so i figured i'd share one of their songs with you this weekend!


i saw this picture trending on pinterest the other day right after discussing this exact topic with my good friend taryn. she called & we got to discussing blogs. whos blogs we look at, writing or not writing on our own blogs. my fashion blog. she was asking me how it was going & while it's been fun, sometimes i'm not so sure of blogging. i really do enjoy blogging, it's fun for me & i like hearing feedback & looking at other blogs. but sometimes i really wonder, how much of my life do i want to put out there?
when i'm out & about i'll see someone who's blog i frequent, & i have the sudden thought that i feel like i know everything about them, but i don't actually know them... & to me it's a strange reality.
we talked about the comparison aspect. there have been many times, while reading other blogs i find myself having questions like: why aren't i doing what they are? why aren't we traveling the world instead of going to school? how come we don't own a house? why don't we have this or that... you get the picture. there are a lot of comparisons being made constantly. & on another level, i find myself thinking "ohh i need that" or this, when in reality, i don't need anything that i don't already have.
& sometimes i just need to take a step back, & breathe.
i love my life. i want nothing to change in my life. i love where my husband & i are at in our little life with our little baby in our little, rented home. i am happy.
yet there are still comparisons. i think it's important to remember that not everyones life is perfect. an online persona may be picture perfect, but in reality it is not. people struggle everyday with the same basic day to day things as you or i do. but it's easy to forget when all we are presented with is the perfectness of someones life. i know i rarely comment on the difficulties of my life, but they are there.
i guess what i'm saying is, your life is just as perfect as the blogs your reading. & don't forget that. 


over the weekend, this little babe of ours, has grown a tooth. that's right. my tiny baby boy of only four months has a little white tooth coming through, right in the middle of his bottom gum line.
 i've been convinced for a couple weeks he was teething cause he was constantly gnawing on anything he can get his hands on & drooling... but nothing ever appeared so i gave up my theory. & then, last night while at our friends house for dinner, austin was letting cedar bite his finger & he felt his little sharp tooth chomp down on him. & i swear, it was not there on saturday. so crazy.
 luckily he's still a happy little guy through his teething process. his nights are a little fussier, 
but he's a happy smiley baby, so i can't complain.
 this kid is seriously growing up way too fast for my liking. he needs to just stop.
he's pretty cute though, right?


portland is one of the best cities i have been to. there is seriously so much going on, on every corner. theres no real rhyme or reason to where anything is placed, and it's cool. everyone is so different from one another, & they all look so interesting. we went around to different areas of austins  mission, & we met with a family he was close with on his mission. it was really cool to see where he served because he is constantly talking about how great oregon is, & now i get it. cause it is pretty great. 
our first day in portland we were able to meet up with one of our best friends, curtis & his cousin, to grab lunch. it was awesome to see him. he's been hiking the pacific coast trail for the past 5 months! so he hadn't met cedar & austin & i had missed him. it was complete coincidence that we were all in portland at the same time, but luckily we were. 
we spent our time in portland wandering the city, discovering new places, restaurants, going to the pearl district, exploring powells bookstore (it takes up 2 buildings, has multiple levels & a map so you don't get lost. whats not to love?), ate some more & made sure to fill up on voodoo's donuts, which are rumored to be the best in the world. i love going to new cities & wandering around, getting a feel for them. i was pretty caught up in looking at everything that i didn't remember to take a lot of pictures, but i did get some. luckily!
& if you haven't been to portland, but watch portlandia & wonder if it's really like that (thats what i always wondered), it is. definitely. 
check out details of what i wore on my fashion blog,


austin & i had fall break last week so we took the opportunity to drive up to oregon. austin served his mission in oregon & is always telling me how amazing it is, so i was really excited to see it. we spent the first couple of days staying in manzanita, a tiny coastal town. the oregon coast is seriously gorgeous, it's so different from the beaches i'm used to. it rained our first day, and was pretty foggy the others, but it just adds to the beauty. there's something i love about chilly beach days. 
we drove up & down the coast. our first stop was astoria, where goonies & kindergarten cop were both filmed. the town wasn't quite as exciting as hoped... but i did get a picture in front of the goonie house, so i was pumped & austin got his picture of the kindergarten cop school, so the drive up was worth it. 
afterwards we headed our way down, stopping in seaside, at a lighthouse, to see octopus tree & to cannon beach (where goonies was also filmed), & all the way down to tillamook, where the cheese is made! we went to the tillamook factory & saw all of the cheese getting packaged, & had a lot of samples. it was so good. 


1. CEDAR ROLLED OVER// i was at school when it first happened (i was pretty sad i missed it), but he's been doing it almost on the daily since then. he only rolls from his stomach to his back. he's been working on back to stomach, but seems to get stuck on his side every time. but i'm pretty sure it's going to happen soon, because he rolls a ton in his sleep, which is both funny & weird (in my opinion).
2. MAMMA JO IS IN TOWN// my mom came to town for a visit which has been really great. austin had to go to las vegas for a job conference of some sort with school & i was going to be on my own for 4 days. luckily for me, my mom decided to come visit to help out & to have some fun.
3. FLAT BREAD PIZZA// austin & i have been wanting to try this new pizza place in sugarhouse ever since it opened, & we finally did. whenever my mom is in town, we like to try all the new restaurants, so her first night in we went to flat bread & it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. seriously, if you live in the area, or ever visit utah, you should probably go. everything we had was amazing.
4. OREGON// our fall break is next week, so we're taking our days off & spending them in oregon! i'm really excited to go. austin served his mission there & is always saying how amazing & beautiful it is. we're going to spend a couple of days along the coast, & then go into portland. i also made austin promise that we could go to astoria, where the goonies (my favorite movie) was filmed.
5. FOUR MONTHS// our tiny, little, baby boy, who isn't so tiny anymore, is officially four months old. as of yesterday. which is crazy because i feel like he has been here forever but at the same time, is still so new. i cannot believe all that has happened since he's been born.