1. CEDAR ROLLED OVER// i was at school when it first happened (i was pretty sad i missed it), but he's been doing it almost on the daily since then. he only rolls from his stomach to his back. he's been working on back to stomach, but seems to get stuck on his side every time. but i'm pretty sure it's going to happen soon, because he rolls a ton in his sleep, which is both funny & weird (in my opinion).
2. MAMMA JO IS IN TOWN// my mom came to town for a visit which has been really great. austin had to go to las vegas for a job conference of some sort with school & i was going to be on my own for 4 days. luckily for me, my mom decided to come visit to help out & to have some fun.
3. FLAT BREAD PIZZA// austin & i have been wanting to try this new pizza place in sugarhouse ever since it opened, & we finally did. whenever my mom is in town, we like to try all the new restaurants, so her first night in we went to flat bread & it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. seriously, if you live in the area, or ever visit utah, you should probably go. everything we had was amazing.
4. OREGON// our fall break is next week, so we're taking our days off & spending them in oregon! i'm really excited to go. austin served his mission there & is always saying how amazing & beautiful it is. we're going to spend a couple of days along the coast, & then go into portland. i also made austin promise that we could go to astoria, where the goonies (my favorite movie) was filmed.
5. FOUR MONTHS// our tiny, little, baby boy, who isn't so tiny anymore, is officially four months old. as of yesterday. which is crazy because i feel like he has been here forever but at the same time, is still so new. i cannot believe all that has happened since he's been born.


  1. ohhh flatbread pizza, that sounds great!
    have so much fun in oregon!


  2. Loved reading this and getting to know about you and your family more! I have always wanted to explore Oregon! HAVE FUN!