i saw this on pinterest & decided it really, really applies to me.
i'm the ultimate procrastinator. 
doesn't matter how large or small a task is, i'll procrastinate. it's not like i do this on purpose, but not matter what, it happens. i can have the strongest intent to get started,to get ahead, & it just doesn't happen. i'm pretty sure this is a common thing, but if it's not, i'm going to pretend it is.
my procrastination has definitely caught up with me. in the form of my senior thesis. you'd think something this big, i would be on top of it. but of course, i wasn't. for my thesis i'm taking a more creative route & making a children's book on surrealism (more on that later) because i did not want to write a 100+ page paper. but i still have to write a research paper for my project. i started all my research. grabbed sources & quotes, but never actually wrote my 20+ page paper. until about two weeks ago, & it's due on sunday. not to mention the actual formatting of my book. this part is fun for me, i love it.  but man oh man, does it take time.
& as fate would have it, the week i desperately need the internet for my paper (i wrote everything on google docs) & for finding images for my book, the internet stops working. we came back from a weekend spent in salt lake, & the internet just would not work. i've spent about two hours total on the phone trying to figure out the problem. we got a new box. nothing works. so luckily someone is coming out today to see if they can work their magic & get me the internet. 
so here is to wishing myself good luck on finishing my book (the paper is finally finished, thank goodness) & hoping that my teacher & project advisors like it just as much as i do!
& to me hopefully learning my lesson on procrastination... 


  1. oh no that's such a bummerrrr! good luck!!

  2. i feel you! i need to be better..especially with the busy holidays coming up! xoxoxo

    the well-traveled wife ♥