this year was such a different christmas experience & i really loved it.

we spent christmas with austins family. all of his siblings were in town & went to his parents for christmas eve dinner, the kids put on the nativity (cedar got to be baby jesus!) & played games. we spend the night at there house & woke up the next morning for stockings & i made thinnies for breakfast before going to his siblings houses. i had so much fun being with his family & seeing what they do for christmas & their family traditions! 
austin, cedar & i celebrated our christmas on christmas eve.
we woke up, turned on christmas music, opened presents, had magic pancakes for breakfast, & watched the santa claus. i loved it. our first year celebrating as our own little family. & even though cedar has no idea what christmas even is, it was so fun seeing him interested in what was going on around him
(& yes, cedar did wear skeleton pj's on christmas eve)

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