on bikram.
i've wanted to try bikram yoga for a while now, & i finally have & i love it.
my father-in-law was getting a pass & joined me & my sister-in-law up for the buddy pass promo
(best f.i.l. ever, right? right) i've only been a few times so far, finals were really getting in the way of my bikram time,
but now that those are out of the way, i'm planning/hoping to go so much more. 
bikram truly makes me feel so great. i'm loving it & couldn't be more thankful for my father-in-law thinking to sign me up. i've been going early in the morning & it's a perfect way to start my day. 
if you don't know about bikram, let me tell you.
you practice 26 different poses two times each, in a 105 degree room with 40% humidity
 it's an hour & a half long. 
your entire body gets such an awesome workout/stretch, it's designed to target all joints, muscles and tendons.
this combined with the heat really helps to get into the stretches deeper & with flexibility too. 
plus, you burn about 1,000 calories each class depending on your body type.
it's completely different than other yoga classes i've been to. it's a such a different workout
i feel so rejuvenated afterwards
 & cleansed of any bad toxins that are in my body.
if you've ever wanted to try it, you definitely should. i wish i hadn't waited so long.
if you're in utah, i go to brickyard in lehi & they're doing an awesome $21 for 21 days deal
which is such a steal. & if you've got a friend, there's always the buddy pass.
 if you decide to try it, bring a towel. 


  1. I've heard about that and i was interested if it was good! thanks for sharing! I really like yoga and zumba so this would be fun to try.
    ps. your blog is so cute!

    1. thanks! you totally should try it if you can! i've loved it so far!

  2. I've been so curious about bikram yoga, since I practice just regular asana yoga, but more and more people keep suggesting bikram to me...I guess I'll have to give it a go!

    1. i love regular yoga, so, so much. this is just a really different method & i like the change!

  3. do you have to be flexible to do it? i've always been so interested to try it, but don't know if i can handle the heat!

    1. totally don't need to be flexible, i'm not all that flexible at all. but you definitely get more flexi the more you go & the heat really does help! you really should try it!! & it's completely acceptable to lie down if the heat gets to you in class, especially your first time going, so don't worry!