i'm a little late in the whole resolutions game, but here they are. i struggled to put my new year resolutions in writing. they're just a million jumbled thoughts bouncing around in my head & it never sounds quite right when i write them down. i think a lot of my resolutions come full circle, connect back to each other, which in a way adds to the difficulty in writing them out, but here goes.

physical health >>> i want to make my health more of a priority. the way i eat, my physical fitness... which ties in to the next two goals

complete 30 day challenge >>> the bikram 30 day challenge is to attend a bikram class every day for 30 days & i want to complete this at least once this year.

no fast food >>> last semester was insane for austin & i, & i'm sad to admit we ate a lot more fast food than normal. both of us felt disgusting about it so we've decided to cut it out of our diets completely.

remember to breathe >>> to be calm & clear minded, to take time to think before i react in stressful/difficult situations. 

stop picking >>> probably my absolute worst habit. i pick at anything i can. nails, skin, peeling paint... literally anything. it's bad & i want to stop.

read more for fun >>> the majority of my reading is for school lately & while i've truly loved the books we've read (on the road, the road, hamlet, dracula...) i want to read more on my own as well. sadly.. this might have to happen after school's out, but still. 

spend less time on my phone >>> i want to be more in the present & not on my phone. to be in the conversation & with those who are around me, rather than spending time on my phone. i don't think i'm addicted or constantly on my phone, but i don't ever want those habits to develop, so i think i need to start working on it now.

slow down >>> take each day as it comes, not to dwell in the past or to look too far in the future. to be open minded about what is to come & focus on what is happening in the now. not to miss anything. 


  1. these are such great resolutions! i need to spend less time on my phone, too. you need to post more on your fashion blog!

    1. i know! i'm going to start it back up really soon! everything just got too crazy!!!

  2. good resolutions...add one more....visit your mom a lot!!!