last winter i saw so many instagram pictures of the ice castles, but had no clue where they were & apparently wasn't smart enough to look it up, so we didn't get to see them ourselves. this year when my instagram started to be flooded with more ice castle pictures, i was smarter & found out where they were & made sure we went with our friends newt & dom.
i'm pretty sure we all left with numb toes, hands & colds. it was absolutely freezing, incredibly crowded, & there was snow up to my ankles to walk through, but it was worth it to see the castles. they have guys wearing hardhats wandering around shoveling paths & chipping away at the castles.  they seriously blew my mind. i can't wrap my head around how they made them & more importantly, how none of the icicles ever fall on people. it's so impressive. at night they light up the castles with different changing colored lights, there's a maze you can wander through & an ice slide (too cold for us, but i guess a lot of people wanted to go on it because the line as enormous). i definitely would recommend going if you are in the area & haven't had the chance yet. make sure to dress warm & wear rain boots or snow boots.. you'll definitely want them.


  1. wow those pics you got are GREAT! love the one with the icicles just straight down. so pretty we wanted to get up there this year but haven't found the time!! was it worth the drive? youre pictures sure make it seem like it was :)

    1. thank you! i'm so happy we did go, i think it's definitely worth the drive but try to go during the week so it's not so crowded!