be brave

i've been thinking about the future a lot. we have 6 months, give or take a couple, left in utah before we leave for whatever new adventure is ahead of us. we're not quite sure where we will be, but it will be somewhere new. the thought excites me as well as makes me a little sad. i've loved life here in utah. but i'm ready for an adventure. to go somewhere different & new. ready for a change. i'm very comfortable where i am right now & i think that it's important not to be too comfortable.
the thought of it makes me scared, but it will be good. change gives us opportunity to grow, to explore, to learn more about ourselves. changes allows us to become a new version of ourselves. a braver version. & it's important to be brave.

the other night as we were lying in bed i was telling austin all of my worries about moving. some of them are understandable, while the others are laughable. i literally said i was nervous because, & i quote, "where would i get my hair done?" i mean... as if that's a good reason not to move somewhere. it's seriously little things that are dumb like that, that make me nervous. how will i meet people? make friends? i have never really needed to make friends. i'm shy & i think i'm a bit awkward, so it really takes me a while to make friends. but it's figuring out those little things that are part of the adventure, right?

i know that we would both regret not taking an opportunity simply because it pust us out of our comfort zone & we are nervous. we both need to be brave & know that no matter where we choose, it will be an adventure & will all work out. so far we've heard back from 2 of the 3 schools he has applied to. we should hear back from the third within the next week & once we do we'll be able to decide what option is the best for us. it's crazy to think that in 1 or 2 weeks we will have to decide our future for the next 1-2 years. it makes me so anxious. we will just wait & see.

on another note, things i'm looking forward to:
spring break >>> my first blog give away (coming soon) >>>
going to disneyland >>> climbing in joshua tree >>>
finishing our garden boxes>>> summer >>>
the future.

the day we were suppose to go to zion's

earlier this week austin & i had planned to go to zion's
& hike angels landing on saturday, but when the day
came cedar was the sickest & saddest babe he has ever been.
so instead we stayed home so the little could sleep as he
pleased & be comfy. we played, we cuddled & we watched
the o.c. here's a look at our lazy day.

love yourself

i think we can all take something away from this. i find in my life it is really important to be careful not to constantly criticize myself, but to have a positive attitude towards myself, my life, & those around me. not to criticize myself over the little, tiny things. not to deny myself of being who i am to live up to others expectations. it's important to realize what you love about yourself & to remind yourself of those things. let yourself be happy rather than beating yourself up for not being perfect; because the truth is, no body is. the best we can do is to be happy with who you are.

snip snip

i've chopped my locks. AGAIN. in the beginning of december i decided it was time for a change & i chopped my locks to just below my shoulders; a good 12+ inches. two months later, my hair had grown & i wasn't quite ready to let it. so i decided to cut another good 6 inches or so, for something different. i've never had my hair this short. & i'm really liking it. it's a good change. i was nervous, but i've come to the decision that it's just hair. & it will grow back. so for the time being, i'm going to love it.

an anniversary

today marks the 2 year anniversary of when austin asked me to marry him.
although, if you talk to him he didn't ask me cause as soon as i saw the ring i lunged for it & stuck it on my finger myself... what can i say, i was excited! but it's still the anniversary of our engagement & i still still find myself staring at my ring like i did when i first got it. i love it & my hub. saying yes.. or in my case, grabbing my ring & putting it on, was absolutely the best decision of my life.
if you want the details of how we got engaged, you can check them out here!

happy love day

happy valentines day!


i'm a drink lover. all kinds of drinks. if i had the choice, i would probably choose a delicious drink over food. anyways. my husband has been wanting to make green smoothies for a while now & to be honest, i was a little hesitant. i just wasn't sold on them. i get that they're soo good for you, but there was something about them that just made me want nothing to do with them (probably that they're green, and no delicious drink is green). but luckily, that changed. we finally got the stuff to make some, i tried them, & i love them. they are delicious. i can't believe i've been missing out on these things.
i mean, what was wrong with me? anyways. here's my favorite green smoothie recipe:
chia seeds
almond milk
after everything is in the blender, blend until it's as smooth as you can get it & enjoy! we guessed on all the measurements, so i can't help you there. there's really no way to mess it up though. but if you're interested, try it!

just because

i really love this.


i've been carrying around this disposable camera with me for the last 6 months.
& today, i finally got it developed. 
not quite sure why it took me so long, but whatever.
i liked getting the pictures of sunshine & warmth on this chilly day.
have a happy weekend!


yesterday this guy hit 8 months. it's pretty crazy to think he's almost been out as long as he was in. it's gone a lot faster than the pregnancy did. he's growing so much! i can't believe how much he has changed. he has 6 teeth. crawls all over the place. can pull himself up on his crib & tries to shuffle around. thinks weird words like beep & good morning are hilarious. laughs all the time. chews on anything he can get his tiny fingers on. is pumped anytime he sees the bathtub filling up. he will eat literally any food & especially loves lemons & limes. he weighs 19.5 lbs, is 25.5 in. tall & his head is off the percentile chart. oh, & he babbles nonstop. which is pretty cute.

hello february

i hope you had a lovely & easy weekend. ours was pretty perfect. we watched movies, went to a baby shower, had our friends for dinner & good conversations, went in the hot-tub, went to the patagonia outlet sale (apparently it doesn't start for another wee) , & went to church. 
oh, & i also took a lot of buzzfeed quizes because i apparently had nothing better to do. so if you're looking to waste some time, here are the ones i took
// what type of parent are you: i got the hipster parent, not sure how i feel about it yet
// what city should you live in: i got los angeles. makes sense i guess since i'm from california.
// which 90's alt-rock grrrl: are you: i'm courtney love & the description is surprisingly spot on. 
....what were your answers? 

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