hello february

i hope you had a lovely & easy weekend. ours was pretty perfect. we watched movies, went to a baby shower, had our friends for dinner & good conversations, went in the hot-tub, went to the patagonia outlet sale (apparently it doesn't start for another wee) , & went to church. 
oh, & i also took a lot of buzzfeed quizes because i apparently had nothing better to do. so if you're looking to waste some time, here are the ones i took
// what type of parent are you: i got the hipster parent, not sure how i feel about it yet
// what city should you live in: i got los angeles. makes sense i guess since i'm from california.
// which 90's alt-rock grrrl: are you: i'm courtney love & the description is surprisingly spot on. 
....what were your answers? 

p.s. you can checkout my other valentine playlists here, here & here.

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  1. How perfect! I'm always a fan of playlists. Brandi Carlile is definitely one of my favorites!!
    xo TJ