thank you for all of your responses to our upcoming adventure, you're support & excitement for us is greatly appreciated! sadly, we still have to continue our real lives until then, consisting of going to school & work. this weekend austin had to go to idaho for work, so it was just me & cedar baby. we did all sorts of fun things. we went to target, played, cedar watched toy story while i worked on homework, i watched saving mr. banks after cedar went to sleep, & there was candle-making. saturday night marta & whitney, two of my cousins, came over so i could show them how to make candles. it was so much fun & definitely something that needs to happen again with more of our friends & cousins. we used some essential oils to make different soothing candles. it was a good night, lots of girl talk, youtube videos, food... all the goods. it was a happy weekend, but it was the best once austin got home saturday night. hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Show me how to make candles!!!!

  2. candle making? that is awesome. do you also make soaps?

    1. i don't! but i'm wanting to make lotion/lip balms with all the beeswax i have!

  3. How fun, I've always wanted to make my own candle! :)
    xo TJ