don't mind the banana all over his face
guys. cedar has been OUT as long as he was IN. it's pretty weird to think about since those 9 months of my life felt like they were forever long, & these 9 months have gone by insanely fast. i can't believe it. he's such a wiggly worm these days. it's so fun/tiring/exciting. he's a busy body, that's for sure. he doesn't sit still. he's crawling everywhere, standing up when he can grab hold of anything, tries to stand on tip toes, has started to do a funny crab crawl type of thing, has discovered the stairs & is really good at crawling up them. 
he has 6 full grown teeth, 1 other tooth well on it's way, & another on the brink of breaking through.
he loves food. all sorts of food. anything he can grab hold of goes straight in his mouth. 
& he is constantly babbling a slew of noises that sound a whole like like dada and mama, which is pretty adorable. plus, he just laughs at himself constantly.
i think he got that last part from me.
don't forget to check tomorrow for my first  g i v e a w a y!

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