it was a good weekend.

austin surprised me thursday night with a nail appointment for friday morning at one of my favorite places that offers any sort of nail design you can think of. i haven't gone forever & have been stupidly stressed with school, so i was really excited when he told me about the appointment. he's pretty thoughtful. afterwards was spent running errands before going downtown to go to the gallery stroll. i love the gallery stroll. it happens once a month around 2nd & 2nd down town & is so great. different stores open up displaying artists work along the block with drinks & food. i haven't been to the gallery stroll in years, so i loved going.
we went to meet up with a couple friends that came down from logan to see a mutual friends graduate art show, & then to see our friends painting teachers gallery, which is where the painting above is from.
saturday was spent finishing a buddha statue i've been making for one of my finals tomorrow & making a trip to the mall before grabbing some thai food with some friends & a failed attempt at hot tubbing. 
& of course, easter sunday. we went to church & to austin's parents to have easter dinner & an egg hunt for all kids. austin & i got to play easter bunny & hide the eggs, which was surprisingly more difficult than it sounds like. i had no idea what was considered too easy or too hard for 0-9 year olds. it was fun to see all the kids running around though. we tried to get cedar to go get some of his eggs, but he clearly didn't get the point, but he was really into moving the eggs from his basket back into the basket, so i guess that was fun. & cute. 
hope you all had a happy weekend & easter!