the maddox's

as i previously had mentioned, i had the opportunity to take some family photos of my bff ashley's family. i have never, ever attempted to take any sort of professional photo, & i'm pretty sure these don't qualify as professional, but it was really fun to have a photo shoot! they were so easy to take pictures of, especially her adorable little boy. i love him. he is perfect, i swear.
she just had her 2nd baby (crazy!) & was wanting some family photos + newborns (i'll share those soon) before little millie was too big or old for a newborn shoot. she had contacted a couple photographers, who were sadly booked, so i offered up my somewhat expertise.. that meaning, i have taken a few photo classes & happened to have my camera & new lens i had gotten for graduation with me that i had been wanting to try out, so it was really a win win for everyone! 
we went over by mt. boney (if you know what it is) where there are ton of fields & went to town. i definitely wouldn't mind taking more pictures for people if they needed. it truly was so fun.

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