baby's first haircut

cedars hair has been growing into a pretty good little mullet the past year of his life, so i sort of thought it was time for a trim. he got his very first haircut july 1, 2014 & i think it was a little traumatic for him. as soon as the cape went on he was not pleased & once austin held him from moving, he got pretty wild. there was definitely some sobbing but it was finished within 5 minutes at the longest & he looks adorable with his haircut, so i'm gonna say it was worth it. 
our good friend tayler happens to have gone to hair school, so she executed the cut. i'm extremely nervous that cedar's red hair is turning into a toe head blonde color, so i only had her trim the back. i'm not ready to accept that his hair is changing colors & i want the red to last as long as possible. 
i never thought i would be a mom to keep hair from a child's first haircut or any of the stuff, cause i don't understand at all what i would do with it besides put it in a plastic bag to never really pay attention to again, but once his hair was cut i saw one of his few slightly curled locks & couldn't really give it up. i think motherhood might be making me crazy, but i definitely ended up putting it in a ziplock for safe keeping & for future reminiscing. 
in all honesty, it will probably end up in a pile of stuff that i will never look at again, but never be able to throw away either. & then in 15 years he'll think i'm a weird mom who keeps her kids hair, like i'm sure anyone else has thought about their mom. but i just can't help being that mom.


  1. haha those photos of austin holding him are priceless.

    1. haha i know. he was definitely traumatized by having his hair cut!