i know i say it a lot, but guys, it's been hectic around here.

wednesday afternoon we flew down to california for two weddings & some much needed time back home. originally we planned stay for a week & go back to utah, but my mom planned a last minute trip to costa rica!

so instead of a one week trip, we also get to go on a ten day vacation. i am so excited! but the last minute trip added some last minute stress. on top of getting ready to go home, we had to get ready for a second trip & make sure to get cedar's passport on time, which was slightly stressful but we got it, so it's good. plus, we needed it anyways to move to spain... so in reality, it just made us be extra proactive about getting it done!

we've done a lot in our two days since being here. normally when we're in california, we're pretty lazy about doing anything to be honest. but so far we've filled up our time with all the important things like seeing friends & family, eating good food, going to the beach & swimming all day because it is so incredibly hot.

its been a good time.

every time we're in california i'm reminded of how much i love & miss it. it's easy to forget when i'm not here & i'm swept up in the beauty & activities of utah. but california is definitely always my home.

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  1. California is the best! So glad I'm from here. Love that picture as well!