in my opinion, cedar has been extremely adorable recently. i cannot get over it. he has the best little personality, he is the absolute best buddy to have by my side every day. a few things i'm especially loving about cedar right at this moment are 
1. his love for tiny spaces \\ cedar is constantly wedging himself into the smallest space he can find: between the couch & side table, little slots within a table, under dining room chairs, in buckets or the box diapers come in... anything. he wants to be inside it.
2. the way he pats my back when i pick him up & hug him. it. is. adorable.
3. the quick rummaging every morning for his blankets \\ every time i go & get him from his crib he moves SO quickly to grab anything in his crib, blankets, stuffed animal, pacifier.. anything, as if he's scared he will never see them again. so along with cedar, his blankets & stuffies also make it to breakfast.
4. the fact that he jumps nervously at the beginning of toy story every single time he watches it.
5. anytime he goes into the kitchen he goes "mmmm-mmm!" & points towards the fridge & where the bananas are kept. 
6. his love of tomatoes \\ anytime we check on the garden, cedar picks all of the red tomatoes he can reach. he always spits out his first bite. & then continues picking & eating one bite out of every tomato & leaving the leftovers in a pile.
7. the fact that he tries to tickle my feet & makes little tickle noises.
8. that he always sits on his rocking ship while watching a movie & goes wild rocking it.
9. how he picks up one of his blankets & pacifiers if he's sleepy.
10. the way he hyperventilates from excitement at the site of ducks, horses or dogs being anywhere near him. 


  1. what cute pictures! love that one of him rocking away...and his naked butt....

  2. So cute...and it's always more fun to garden naked!! :)