remember waaaay back when i mentioned i had started to work with a local florist? after months of working with braided briar (formerly r.a.b. floral) i finally took pictures of something we worked on! when i initially started doing this, the company was called r.a.b floral & was ran by two sisters, renee & rebecca. around july renee decided she didn't have enough time to keep up with the floral work because of her other job, so rebecca took it into her own hands & changed the name to braided briar.

i've been horrible at taking photos of things that i worked on, so i made a real effort to take pictures of everything last night.
these flowers are for a styled shoot that rebecca was asked to work on. the flowers were really fun to make because we could do whatever we wanted since it wasn't for a wedding, so we had complete creativity with these. plus, all of the colors were amazing. the shoot is going to be more fall oriented & kind of edgy, at least thats what the photographer is going for so we kind of did some different stuff on the flowers, like wrapping the boutonniere & bouquet with leather & things like that.

i've seriously loved working with braided briar & am a little sad to be leaving it. but i've definitely learned a lot from when i first met with them. working with flowers is one of the funnest things & it's not quite as easy as i thought it would be, haha. which is a good thing!

here's a couple of other things i've worked on with them that i pulled from their new site, make sure to check it out & if you ever need a florist in slc, go to them! haha


  1. wow they are gorgeous! talk about talent girl!

  2. these are SO pretty!! i'm in love with that crown.

  3. oh my gosh, you've found your calling in life! amazing!

  4. sooo pretty!! what a fun internship!