last week i went completely m.i.a. on my blog even though i really had every intention of blogging. but then.... i just didn't. austin went on a camping trip so i figured i would have a lot of time to blog, but then i had too much fun with cedar to stop & really think about it. plus, going to sleep early, reading, watching way to much one tree hill.. you know, really important stuff like that!

i think cedar & i did some fun things too. we went to the park, picked & ate tomatoes from our garden, went adventuring in the mountains with whitney & wren, painting during naptimes, cuddling before bedtime & in the mornings reading books or watching frozen & prepared for our weekend getaway to park city.

i've been trying to be more "there" in my parenting with cedar. not to be there, but on my phone or computer, or behind my camera, but to truly 100% be there with him. let him have my full attention & the more i do it, the easier it is, & the more fun we have together. it's not hard to give him all of my attention, that's for sure. he is pretty adorable with all of his kisses, giggles, & babbling. i have so much fun being with him, i really think i'm the luckiest to be his mamma.

also, i feel like it's important to mention that as i write this cedar has discovered he can squish goldfish so he's breaking all of them all over the table.....


  1. this is such a sweet post. i hope when im a parent someday i can keep that in mind too.


    1. thank you :) & you definitely will be able to when you're a parent, it's hard not to give all of your attention to them cause babies are so fun & cute haha

  2. Oh he is the cutest. I can see why it's definitely not hard for him to steal all your attention. :)

    Good for you though. It's so hard in this day and age for people to be present. It's something Kyle and I have talked about for our family and especially our *future* kids. We want to be there. Really there and not in front of a screen. Bravo to you for actually doing it!