we're leaving to spain in slightly less than two months & we don't have anywhere to live yet. we have to wait until our visa appointment to rent an apartment (just in case we're denied), which is on tomorrow, so hopefully we rent one quickly after that. buuuut that doesn't mean we haven't been looking at apartments & weeding out all the ones we're not into. 
a couple alumni from i.e. (austin's school) run a website that has apartments that have been pre-checked, with photographs of them & showing all the details. whether or not they're furnished, have a/c, washing machines, ovens (surprisingly not every apartment comes with an oven).. that sort of thing. so we check it out pretty frequently. as of right now, i think we're leaning towards an unfurnished apartment because we figured out that renting an unfurnished apartment & furnishing it is about the same price or even slightly less than renting a furnished apartment. with the added benefit of not wondering who previously lived on the furniture & stuff like that.
most likely we'll just go to ikea & get everything in one fatal swoop for convenience & we can afford that. which has lead to me staring at ikea's website anytime i am bored & wondering what our new home will look like.

the living room

the dining room/kitchen

cedars bedroom 

the bedroom 

i've been saving different pictures & things that i like all from ikea & creating mini mood boards even though we won't have nearly half the stuff they have in any of their photos. plus ikea comes up with the coolest ideas for smaller spaces, so i love looking at it & seeing what they do. 
i mean, in all honesty we will truly only need a couch, a kitchen table, a tv, a bed/crib for cedar, possibly a dresser for cedar,  a bed for us & possible dresser for us also... so in reality, our home won't be that decorated. but it's fun to look right? 


  1. So exciting! Yeah we are moving to San Francisco at the end of the year and will most likely be renting a temporary small apartment until we save the money to make a down payment on something more permanent, so I've actually been doing the same thing with ikea! It's hard to accept that I won't really be able to decorate a space for awhile, but getting ideas from these catalogs is a great idea. They always have really clever ways of using small spaces.

  2. Thank you for you nice comment! :-)
    really nice pictures. i could look through interrior inspiration for hours :D
    Is it true that you live in Provo,Utah? I've been there once :)

    xx from Germany

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  3. i LOVE dreaming up apartment spaces, too. your moodboards look like your place is going to be saweeeeet. also, it's crazy that you're moving so soon!

  4. you'd better be posting tons of photos when you get there. i'm so excited to live vicariously through you!!

  5. cuuuute! i love those living rooms. i want that leather couch!

  6. Moving into a new place and really planning out what to do with it is always the best part! Love all of these ideas!!
    xo TJ

  7. you have excellent taste - post a tour of your new place when you get it up & running! :)