THE LeBell's

over the weekend i had the opportunity of taking my friend taryn's family photos & some newborns of their little girl stevie. 
i'm definitely not a photographer, but i thought it would be fun to take their pictures for them & they have such a pretty family, so it was pretty easy & fun, especially since their little kids are so adorable. 
we wanted to keep it simple with all the kiddos (including cedar who got to tag along), so we took the photos at their house, letting the kids play in-between pictures. i'm pretty happy with them.
look how they turned out!


  1. you captured a lot of really nice moments, I'm sure your friends loved that you did this for them :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  2. a darling family. you did a great job with the pics. btw, i just read about your stressful visa times - so sorry about that! government documents really are very stressful but that's the most stressful thing i have maybe ever read ever. glad you got it sorted out!

    1. thank you! & yeah, haha for real, it was so stressful!