sometimes, i can't believe i'm a mom. this thought generally crosses my mind when i'm at a total "baby" or "mom" activity. like going to the pumpkin patch with three of my friends & their kids.

it was really fun though, i'm even going to say it was more fun than anytime i've gone to a pumpkin patch without a kid (i think that's only been one other time since being a kid myself, & i was actually pregnant... does it still count?). we went to wheeler farm & wandered our way through the hay maze with johnny, the 2 year old, leading the way, played in the pumpkin patch & got to pick one to go home (it started pouring & we forgot to get our pumpkins..), & checked out the goats, sheep & horses. i'm pretty confident in saying that the kids & the moms all had fun. 

cedar loved chasing johnny everywhere & trying to do anything johnny did. they were especially into running around on top of the little haystacks, chasing eachother, & johnny was adorable with cedar. he kept trying to teach him how to jump off & cedar kept getting nervous & reaching for my finger to hold while he took a step off. so it was a good effort on everyones part. 
 also, i haven't mentioned it before on here, but i've committed myself to a fall wardrobe capsule, & this is the first time since starting it that there are any photos of my outfit (thanks tayler!). so i guess this could be considered my first official capsule outfit? more on my wardrobe capsule & what it even is soon! 

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  1. wheeler farms looks so fun! we went down to the red barn in santaquin this year, but i want to try wheeler next year :) yay for fall and pumpkins and your little boy dressed up in flannel!