the past couple months i've been deciding what my absolute, top places to eat are throughout salt lake area. from sandy to down town, i narrowed it down to 8. these are the places we went to the absolute most that are only in utah (at least i think they are only in utah) austin & i made it a goal to go to everyone of these in the month leading up to us leaving & i'm pretty happy & grossed out to say that we were successful. we definitely spent our last weeks there eating. what can i say, we love good food. haha, so check it out! 

the DODO// this has been a longtime favorite of mine & my family. i can remember going here back when we used to visit utah while i was still in high school, & it is still one of my go-to spots. i love their turkey sandwich, it sounds simple & it is, but it is delicious. & their peanut butter cheesecake is amazing. if you go, you have to get it. trust me. //
1355 E. 2100 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84106

GREEK CITY GRILL// austin & i go here way too often, but it is literally across the street so we can't help ourselves. it is some of the best greek food i have ever had & austin claims they have an amazing burger. haha. i go between getting the chicken soulvaki & the veggie gyro with lemon rice.//
6165 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

RICHE'S BAGELS// also right across the street from us.. next to greek city grill.. the best homemade bagel you could ask for. i am addicted to the asiago bagel & when you pair that with their turkey cranberry sandwich, you can ask for much more.//
6191 s. highland dr. holladay, ut

TSUNAMI sushi// i love sushi, if it were an option i would eat it every single day. sadly, it's not. but when i do get sushi, i got to tsunami. don juan, vegas & executive suite are all delicious. & their rib entree is also really good. //
2223 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

ROOTS CAFE// we found this place because it is right next to the park that we went to almost every day & i am so happy we went in. it is seriously good food. they've got all sorts of delicious breakfast items & some of them are pretty healthy too, like buckwheat pancakes. i normally get their pancakes of the day & they never disappoint. my two favorites have been the peach lavender pancakes & banana almond. they also make fresh pressed juice & juicer type juices..if that makes sense.. & everyone we have tried are delicious. definitely go here!
3474 S. 2300 E. Salt Lake City, UT 84109

THE PIE HOLE// any slice you get from the pie whole is delicious. you cannot go wrong.//
344 S. State st, Salt Lake City, 84111

LONESTAR TAQUARIA// we love it here. their carne tacos/burrito, is amazing. i love mexican food, next to sushi, i could eat mexican food everyday & i almost do. //
2265 Fort Union Blvd, Salt Lake City, UT 84121

CAPUTO'S// guys, if you want a sandwich go here. it's the best for a sammy, plus they've got all sorts of good, fancy chocolate, drinks, salts, cooking stuff.. it's really fun to look around at everything. the roasted peppers on focaccia is the greatest//
4670 S. 2300 E., Salt Lake City, Utah 84117


  1. ooo i love caputo's!! and i really want to try out roots cafe now - that sounds aaamazing!

  2. I feel sad that I don't know what a sammy is, but I'm definitely going to talk my husband into a date to Lonestar Taquaria, because tacos are my jam. Yum, yum.

    1. haha it's a sandwich, i just call them sammys!

  3. love all of these! now intensely craving an asiago bagel from rich's!! miss utah food too but you'll find new faves!! :)


    1. ahhh i always crave the asiago bagels.. but you're right! i will find new favorites!

  4. thank you for making such a great list! we are always looking to try new places when we go up to the "big city." :)

  5. the dodo and lonestar - SPOT ON. however, i've never tried richie's bagels, i gotta go!

  6. Oh gosh, I need to go back to SLC ASAP and get all this food! And the Pie Hole is perfect! Love that place!
    xo TJ

  7. This was so fun to read! I always love hearing about people's favorite places to eat. Um, and Roots Cafe sounds amazing! I mean, Peach Lavender Pancakes- C'mon!!

  8. YUMMMMM!!! Next time i'm in SLC I know where to go!