we spent last night at mickey's halloween party at disneyland. we all got dressed up, went around disneyland getting candy, riding rides & checking out all of the other costumes. austin, cedar & i dressed as an alien, ham & sid from toy story, joining in with my sisters family who were little bo peep, work out barbie & the army men, also all from toy story. it was seriously so much fun. everyone was so decked out in some really cool costumes! i loved seeing how everyone else created their costumes & what they came up with.

there are few things i love more than going to disneyland during the holidays. i love seeing it all decked out in decor. mickey's halloween party is a separate ordeal from just the regular old disney experience. disneyland closes at 8 p.m, but with the halloween party ticket you get to be in disneyland from 3p.m - midnight, with the festivities starting at 6. they had all of the characters out, especially the villains. there was a parade with all of the villains, then a costume parade, trick or treating, special halloween fireworks & all sorts of things.

one of my favorite parts was the fact that there were noooo lines for the rides. seriously! we only had to wait 15 minutes to go onto space mountain because everyone else was preoccupied with waiting in outrageously long lines for candy. definitely used that to our advantage. my next favorite part was cedar during the fireworks. it was adorable, he loved them & kept pointing saying "oooooh" at all of the fireworks. especially when jack skellington was shown, he really loves the nightmare before christmas.

& with that, happy halloween!


  1. happy halloween! disney at halloween is MAGIC, and your pig costume is so great! xo

  2. oh wow this puts our Halloween to shame! What fun! Happy Halloween :)

  3. This looks like it was so much fun & your pictures are great! What a fun way to celebrate Halloween!

  4. so cute! disneyland is just the best during holidays. you guys look like you're having a blast!