last night we had a little family photo exchange with our friends. i took their pictures, they took ours. we went up big cottonwood to silver lake & it was perfect. it had rained earlier that day so it was still a little gray & cloudy, but the colors were unreal. it was also absolutely freezing, i hadn't really thought that it would be so cold up the canyon, but we came with blankets & luckily made some friends with a couple guys that had a fire going, so we hung out with them for a few minutes while we warmed up & got some pictures of them by the fire.
after going through all of the pictures i took, i decided that they are an extremely beautiful & photogenic family.


  1. awww these are so pretty!! they really are such a cute family and you did such a good job as photog!! :)

  2. these are BEYOND stunning. wow, i had to look through them all twice! :)

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  3. Seriously beautiful photos! I love those mountains.