i've been doing my wardrobe capsule for a couple of weeks now & i've really, really enjoyed it so far. it took a little bit of time to get used to, but i think i've figured it out & am pretty comfortable with it. some items i wish i didn't choose, so i may need to switch them out, but besides that it has been pretty successful in my opinion. plus having the capsule has made it SO easy to pack for our move. we're going to california for a week before we move, so instead of worrying about packing a bag of clothes for that, i'm just leaving the majority of my capsule out & will pack it up the night before we leave, taking out some unnecessary stress. it's also taught me to be more selective which is definitely helpful in packing for our move since i'm only taking 3 bags for the year...

1\\ it is way easier to get dressed. for real. i am pretty indecisive when it comes to getting dressed so limiting my wardrobe to only 40 items has made it so much easier in the mornings. i don't have to stress about coming up with something to wear, & yes that is something that would stress me out.

2\\ i always know where everything is! i keep my capsule all together to make it easier for me to 
visualize everything. instead of using dressers & what not i have everything hung up right next to each other. super convenient since i would normally be going through everything trying to find one shirt because i'm just not overly organized. haha

3\\ i've been getting pretty creative in coming up with the outfits which has been really fun for me. i have less to work with so in picking my items i had to make sure they would all work together for the most part. i've liked seeing how i can pair different items with each other so i don't feel like i'm wearing the exact same thing on repeat. 

1\\ i've started to feeling like i'm wearing the exact same thing on repeat. so, as i mentioned just above, i have to be creative which is fun, but i don't like feeling like i'm wearing the same outfit every single day.

2\\ i feel like i have more laundry..?.. this may be gross but i don't always wash my clothes after every wear. i don't want them to get worn out & sometimes they just don't need it. especially pants. but since i'm working with fewer items, they seem to get a lot dirtier (cedar also helps with that) & i'm wearing them so often that i wash everything a lot more, so, more laundry. womp womp.

aaaaanyways... here's an outfit post!
shirt: madewell // jeans: rag & bone // booties: report // hat: brixton // jewelry: anthropologie, j.crew, madewell, sydney evan


  1. kerry you are BEAUTIFUL. and these pictures are beautiful, and that tree and those leaves are beautiful, and that madewell shirt is on point. great post! xo

  2. I'm obsessed with your hat! These are gorgeous photos, too. I'm enjoying hearing about your capsule wardrobe. it does sound pretty convenient. and don't worry I don't wash everything after a single wear either. if you're a jack's mannequin fan: "when did society decide that we had to change and wash a t-shirt after every individual use? if it's not dirty, I'm gonna wear it." if not, then sorry for the weird quote hahah.

  3. Love this outfit! It's simple & fab & perfect for Fall :)